Mochtar Riady’s autobiography Manusia Ide is a brilliant insight into this living legend’s life and reveals some amazing never-heard-before secrets from all the years he has spent as an entrepreneur. Not only does the book tell the story of Riady’s success, his vision and his canny knack for great execution, but it also portrays a man who is filled with passion and ideas that have—and will—benefit his country.

Riady has proven himself to be an intellectual example to today’s generation and for generations to come through his hard work, perseverance and dedication. These qualities have, in turn, taken him onto a global pedestal. 

A special inauguration for the book was held at the ballroom of the Arya Duta Hotel in Central Jakarta and was attended by many of the city’s diplomats and dignitaries, including former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Irman Gusman, Luhut Panjaitan and Rizal Ramli.

In his book, Riady shares with his readers his experiences on starting his entrepreneurial journey from scratch. He also explains the hardships and the crucial moments he went through, none of which stopped his meteoric rise to success. Manusia Ide is an incredible piece of work that traces Riady’s life from the little town of Malang to make it big in the Big Durian.

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