Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld once said “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever. Impossible to reproduce.” No one understands this better but Clockwise Pictures, a Jakarta-based company that provides still and motion picture services. Founded in 2007, Clockwise Pictures represent the nature of time. Despite staying true to its roots, Clockwise Pictures ensures to keep in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology it uses. It features a photography studio designed specifically to achieve the best lighting quality for any kind of photo shoots.TatlerAdv_2.jpg

Clockwise Pictures understands what its customers are after and chooses to makes their dreams come true. To give the best quality, the editing department uses the latest and the best software available in the industry, so as to ensure the finest picture quality. What better way to capture your most memorable moments and store them for generations to come?TatlerAdv_3.jpg

The team at Clockwise Pictures comprises individuals driven by the burning passion for photography and videos and by the determination to excel and produce the best works for clients. Andrew Octaviano serves as the principal of Clockwise Pictures. A man of many talents, he has years of experience creating artsy videos and photographs. Andrew, together with his team, is always open to welcoming new opportunities while embracing and bringing their love and passion for art and photography to the next level.TatlerAdv_1_MainPic.jpg
Clockwise Pictures
Tel: +62 21 549 1020 and +62 856 111 4818
Instagram : clockwisepic


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