These 14 Indonesian women are outstanding in the technology field, proving that women are just as capable in heading up and managing the complexities of the technology industry as they do in other industries. These hard-working ladies are not only natural-born leaders, they are also level the field with the boys when it comes to in initiating a start-up.

 Alamanda Shantika (Founder & President Director of Binar Academy)

Alamanda was a natural in coding. She started to write code at the age of 14 years old and it seems like she never looked back from her passion in coding. Before she became one of the masterminds behind GO-JEK, it seemed like she had done it all, from being the head of technology for Berrybenka to becoming the founder of Pentool Studio, a web design firm. After this, she moved on to Kartuku as SCRUM Evangelist where she was then promoted to become the Head Product Development. After that, one of the founders of GO-JEK, Nadiem Makarim, persuade her to join the company as Tech Product Consultant, and she thrived in the role and ended up being promoted to Vice President for Product and People’s Journey. However, despite holding a high position in GO-JEK, she decided to create her own start-up called Binar Academy, which teaches programming from basic to advanced levels. We have to give kudos to this woman for bringing technology and education for Indonesia’s next generation to the fore.

 Marcella Einsteins (Co-founder & CEO of PT. Globalnet Aplikasi Indotravel)

Marcella’s stint at seems to have rubbed off on her in a positive way because she went on to become the co-founder and CEO of PT Globalnet Aplikasi Indotravel, creating an Indonesian flight application that is a pioneer in Indonesia. Despite not being supported by any marketing funds due to budget constraints, there has been significant organic growth. In 2013, she also founded a train booking application called “Tiket Kereta Api App”, which topped the Google Play rank at that time. We salute her for bringing positive change to Indonesia’s transport industry.


 Dayu Dara Permata (Sr. Vice President GO-JEK, Co-Founder GO-LIFE)

Dayu started out in several top consulting firms in Indonesia such as Accenture, Deloitte, and McKinsey. She was then hired by XL Indonesia as Corporate Strategy Analyst for a year before recruited as a consultant in McKinsey for some time before she went on to Singapore for a short stint as advisor and mentor for SMU Singapore. After that, she was hired as Senior Vice President of GO-JEK and went on to become the co-founder of GO-LIFE, which is now the number-one on-demand lifestyle app in Indonesia, providing lines of businesses from cleaning to massage to tickets.


 Christina Suriadjaja (Co-Founder

Photo: Courtesy of Forbes Indonesia

After graduating from Cornell University with a GPA of 3.65 as a Master of Management in Hospitality, Christina went to work in LA and Singapore, from a short stint as transactions advisory in Ernst & Young to a management trainee at Intercontinental. She then went on to co-found, a website that lets users rent affordable apartments, villas, and houses in Indonesia. The online property rental company was founded when she was at the young age of 23. Dubbed as the EY Next Gen Award winner 2017 out of 500 participants, Christina is ready to revolutionise the travel industry in Indonesia.


 Diajeng Lestari (CEO of

Intending to be an agent of change in the Indonesian fashion industry, Diajeng is keen to bring positive transformation to the Indonesian Islamic fashion arena. She decided to start Hijup, an online fashion mall filled with modest Islamic fashion items catering to Muslim women in Indonesia. Her e-commerce line has kept on expanding into men’s fashion and beauty products, and it seems like Diajeng is not slowing anytime soon.

 Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo (Chief Commercial Expansion of GO-JEK)

Starting out as a business analyst at McKinsey Singapore, Catherine went on to become the chief commercial expansion at GO-JEK. How did she get there? Well, along the way, she has filled many admirable positions, being the managing director at Zalora Indonesia and the CEO of Alfacart. As a leader, she truly understands the main problems facing Indonesia right now. During her tenure as CEO of Alfacart, she said that the vast areas that make Indonesia require a reliable e-commerce platform so that people from different parts of Indonesia can buy things at equal prices. She is a visionary leader, indeed.


 Nabilah Alsagoff (Co-Founder DOKU)

Photo: Courtesy of Bisnis Tempo

Nabilah started Doku to support an integrated transaction system for businesses. Successfully partnering with various payment providers like Visa, Mastercard, Mandiri, E-pay and BRI has proven that Nabilah Alsagoff deserves the title of technology star in the financial technology (fintech) industry. A pioneer in the payment gateway business, Nabilah and her team face constant struggles to convince potential clients to believe in the benefits of online payment. However, Nabilah charges on and holds on to the belief that if you are passionate in managing a business, you will succeed.

 Aulia Halimatussadiah (Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer at Zetta Media)

Photo: Courtesy of Fimela

Aulia started honing her web development skills in 2004, and by 2006 she was the managing director for, a top online bookstore in Indonesia with thousands of members and counting. After that, she became a full-time blogger and writer, penning 29 titles ranging from computer how-tos to self-development and novels. And remarkable writer as she is, she is also active in empowering women in the technology field, through many activities with Girls In Tech Indonesia, a community she leads to gather women interested in exploring technology. She went on to become the co-founder of, the first online self-publishing company in Indonesia, while also co-founded, an online platform for story-sharing. Now, she is the co-founder and chief content officer of Zetta Media, a digital media network focused on building inspiring stories from real people. With 11 portals now under Zetta Media, Aulia is ready to make various innovations in the digital media network industry.

 Cynthia Tenggara (CEO & Co-Founder of Berrykitchen)

Photo: Courtesy of

Starting out as a part of the creative team in one of the big television companies in Indonesia, Cynthia went on to various jobs as marketing and PR manager before the magic happened in 2012 when she co- founded Berrykitchen, the pioneer of online catering in Indonesia. the CEO of, she works hard to maintain her business by allowing people to go to the website and choose their own menu. Without any experience in business, being able to start a business like Cynthia did is something remarkable and is sure to inspire other women out there to start their own journey. She if officially one of our Generation T 2017 due to her achivements. With seed funding and investment capital, Berrykitchen is sure to expand into bigger things in the future.



 Grace Tahir( Co-Founder of


Photo: Courtesy of Daily Social

Born into one of the oldest conglomerate families in Indonesia, people often discredit Grace as having had it easy. However, her decision to venture into a new area coming with great risk says something about her. After her first start-up Bibbycam shut down, Grace went on to create, an online health portal that delivers health news along with free online health consultations. Knowing that most Indonesians own a smartphone, she wants everyone to have equal access to healthcare and information, so she created the telehealth platform to connect patients with doctors. For her second medtech project, she created, a healthcare management system that is still in the development stage. She could be comfortable having people come to her asking for capital, but instead she is willing to knock on other people’s doors to ask for support. Kudos to her!


 Hanifa Ambadar (Founder & CEO of Female Daily Network)

Creating a female daily network is something that Hanifa has done successfully. Starting out as a blogger, Hanifa could never imagine the level of reach she is getting today She started Female Daily as just an online forum with the simple goal to connect audiences and allow them to share knowledge and interests, and now Female Daily has grown so far into a portal that is becoming one-stop online for beauty hub for Indonesian women. Everything that underlines the operations of the Female Daily Network was supported by the members of the network. These members are so fond and routinely share about product reviews, tips, and any discussions related to the beauty world, and this tight knit community is the ultimate strength of the Female Daily Network under Hanifa’s leadership.

 Shinta Dhanuwardoyo (Head of Digital Business, E-commerce and Startups at KADIN)

Photo: Courtesy of Shinta Dhanuwardoyo

Shinta was the CEO and founder of in 1996, one of the pioneering Internet companies in Indonesia, which evolved into Indonesia’s leading digital media agency dealing with Internet and social media strategies. Shinta is an impressive woman who has successfully organised id-byte—an event that gathers all-powerful start-up companies on one stage. Aside from being recognised as one of the 99 most powerful women by Globe Asia for six consecutive years, she is not stopping anytime soon as she has been appointed as the head of KADIN (the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). She is also a part of our Generation T tribes.


 Veronika Linardi( Co-Founder & CEO of

Veronika Linardi is the founder and CEO of, the first online community in Indonesia that supports professionals who want to boost their careers. The website is chock full of information and articles related to career insights, salaries, and experiences from professionals. Aside from, Veronica has also built recruitment consultant companies that have helped hundreds of multinational companies find potential employees— and Linardi Associates.



 Jezzie Setiawan(CEO & Co-Founder of

Gandengtangan was one of the three winners of the Telkomsel Next Dev competition some time ago. The founder and CEO of Gandengtangan, Jezzie Setiawan got the idea of using the crowdfunding model as the base concept. However, the difference is that it is gathering loans from various sources, which will be returned to the same sources in without interest. Jezzie hopes that this system will bring a positive social impact instead of creating a profit-based company that solely focuses on revenue.


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