With its motto “Life is Tasty”, the food and restaurant directory app Qraved wants its users to maximise their lives through its extensive list of restaurants and lifestyle activities, which is designed to seamlessly blend into their daily lives. Indonesia Tatler recently got the chance to take a peek inside Qraved’s office in TCC Batavia, where the work area is dominated with whites and reds representing its position as the number one food app in Indonesia.

Right after we stepped inside the reception area of Qraved, we were struck by the huge neon logo. We could immediately sense that the colour scheme revolves around red and white: the brand’s signature colours that can be seen adorning its website. Once we entered, we were immediately greeted by Qraved CEO Steven Kim, who was going to be our office tour guide that day.

Steven, as the CEO for Qraved since 2013, greeted us with his warm smile and towering stature. However, his calm and confident manner set us at ease while he took us around the office, where we got the chance to witness the room in which all the designing work happens as well as the corner where he likes to work.

Steven said that he looks for three types of people: people that are positive, collaborative, and who are self-starters. As to the last point, Steven emphasised that he needs people who are creative and curious—who always find the time to learn something new. So for those of you looking for a job in a start-up, keep note!

Another nugget of leadership wisdom that we gained from Steven is that he believes in creating a work environment that is non-siloed, as all members of his team are working on specific tasks and goals, so they always have to align their strategies in order to achieve their goals.

Curious to see what Qraved’s office really looks like? Step inside by watching our exclusive video on www.indonesiatatler.com/tatler-tv or watch it here on the Indonesia Tatler YouTube channel.

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