The role of accelerators in Indonesia is very much needed now, especially to grow start-ups at product-market fit stage. Accelerators like Digitara are doing just this: they provide a three-month programme for start-ups with an emphasis on understanding user-centric design sprints, building a better business model, and refining their go-to-market strategy, as well as improving their pitches.

Yansen Kamto, Chief Executive of KIBAR. Photo: Digitaraya

Accelerators like Digitaraya also connect these potential start-ups with the key players in the ecosystem to widen their horizons and networks, especially with support from Google Developers Launchpad. Start-ups that are thus nurtured should be focusing on the key business problems in Indonesia, and to do that they will need mentorship from a diverse background of experts and mentors to help them navigate the big giant maze of regulations and market situations in Indonesia.

Some of the up-and-coming start-ups that are solving the key problems in Indonesia include Expedito, Gelora, Arkademy, Riliv, Kinibisa, Reblood, and Modal Rakyat. With logistics still a big problem in Indonesia, Expedito comes in to provide a platform for international shipping by partnering with 15 international air freight couriers. Having shipped to 77 countries since 2017, we are keen to see how Expedito will help more SMEs to solve their logistics problems.

The 7 startups on the Digitaraya demo day. Photo: Digitaraya

From the information technology side, Gelora was created to be a platform for finding venues and friends to play sports with. With lack of information as the core problem, people who want to play sports often find it difficult to find suitable spots that will allow them to play. Gelora is not only helping people who want to play sports, it is also helping owners of unused sports venues monetise their sports venues to gain more money.

In the education field, we have Arkademy and Kinibisa. Arkademy is trying to solve the problems of students who graduated from vocational schools but who are finding it hard to get a good job. Intending to level the playing field between IT, vocational school students, and industry standards, hopefully graduates from vocational high schools will help elevate the human resource quality in Indonesia, especially in the IT industry.

On the other hand, Kinibisa is helping young people to make the right choices for their futures by providing enough information on universities, careers, and scholarships so they are equipped with the right information to make important decisions that will affect their future. Seeing that many students regret their choice of schools and choice of majors, let’s hope that Kinibisa will continue to help the younger generation become more well-rounded and make better decisions regarding their future.

Riliv as winner of Audience's choice. Photo: Digitaraya

From healthcare, we have Riliv and Reblood, both of which are working to solve big problems in Indonesia. First off, Riliv is trying to solve the number-one cause of suicide right now in the country: depression. By providing an online counseling app that allows people to consult about their problems via texting with professional licensed psychologists, Riliv is trying to help people who are having mental or emotional issues to access professional help right at their fingertips. Reblood, headed by visionary Leonika Sari, is a gamification platform that is trying to solve Indonesia’s blood shortage. Having successfully collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), it is now helping people all over Jakarta and Surabaya to get enough blood during emergencies.

Lastly, coming from the hot zone of fintech, Modal Rakyat is filling the gap of finance with a P2P lending platform that provides nano-financing for rural micro-SMEs (agents). Having identified this as a blue ocean, it already has a proof of concept serving 500 agents, which will hopefully drive micro-SMEs in rural areas to greater heights.

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