Promoting the spirit of collaboration and networking, coworking has gained more than a few fans, especially among startups and for freelancers. As the trend increases, more and more coworking spaces are opening for business in big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, with some offering more than just a space to work in. Read on for our selection of the best coworking spaces that you need to try.


BITS is associated with Monk’s Hill Ventures, a venture capitalist that has been investing in Southeast Asian startups. Their coworking space, however, is not limited to use by the invested startups, but for anyone who needs to “work in a cool place with cool people”— “anyone” mostly being freelancers, designers, writers, and entrepreneurs.

 Its interior looks sleek and neat with white walls and wooden floors, although the furniture and paintings on the wall add some colour to it.  Located only a stone’s throw from Pacific Place and on the same building as MidTown Bistro & Lounge, you can enjoy great food and ambience while taking a break from work in the neighbourhood.


Located in Kemang, CoWorkInc is one of those coworking places that offers more than just a space to work. It regularly holds events such as lectures and discussion sessions, and a fortnightly event called Netwarming at which starters can meet seasoned industry players.

The coworking space only occupies one floor in a three-storey building—one of the floors is occupied by Common Grounds coffee, but it looks very spacious and airy thanks to its glass walls. The walls and its location at the top of the building also ensure that your brief breaks include a calming view of Kemang.


Cre8 is the perfect place for startups and budding entrepreneurs as some of the plans include business mentoring, although freelancers and the like would feel similarly at home in the space. Other than the coworking space, you can also choose closed offices for more privacy and facilities like a 42-inch HD monitor and projector among other things. Its strong point is also the fact that it has more than 20 locations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines—perfect for the town- and country-hoppers.


GoWork is one of the newest coworking spaces—it only opened its doors on April 6 this year, and yet it has already gained attention of many. Some of the reasons being its location—smack in the middle of Thamrin—and the beautiful interior design.

As a result of award-winning interior designer Revano Satria’s work, the coworking space is stunning with modern furnishings, marble table tops, and wood details. Added to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the right location, GoWork offers beautiful views as part of its complete coworking experience plus networking and community events.

If the open-plan desk space is not for you, or you need a quiet working space, it also offers private offices to rent along with a meeting room and event space. The lounge can also be used for hackathons, workshop events (even parties!) and is available for public rental.  


Ke:kini is unique compared with the other coworking spaces in this list for both its location and its interior design. Ke:kini utilises a refurbished colonial house in Menteng, Central Jakarta, with a mix of Scandinavian hygge and antique furniture. However, these are not the only features: it also offers meetings room for seven to 10 people and two conference rooms that can be used for various activities such as workshops. As ke:kini was established by four women who are concerned about humanity, it is the perfect space for those who shares their concerns.


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