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Each year we are graced with a new and improved version of the ever-popular iPhone and this year is no different. With the unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple has shown the world the most expensive iPhone yet. Starting at around Rp10 million and stretching upwards to some Rp13 million, the new offering from Apple is actually more expensive than the base model of its popular MacBook.

 So what do you get for the hefty price tag? Along with the usual increased internal power and newly improved screen, which is now an edge-to-edge OLED screen, you get the latest facial recognition innovation. Seen as the future of personal security, the iPhone’s facial recognition software uses a new camera to recognise 3D images. This means that even if someone is wearing a mask of your face, they will not be able to access your phone, hence the supposed extra security when compared with the near-universally used fingerprint scanner.

However, using the new facial recognition software only for security would be no fun at all. So in addition, the new feature can be used with “Animojis”. Developed only by Apple, these new evolutions of the classic emojis combine facial expressions and recognition to help the emoji resemble the exact expressions you're making. While this sounds like something just for the kids, the range of control is very impressive and might well be used for something else later down the line.

Along with this new feature, the phone comes with wireless charging and a very impressive camera, which sports a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens for zooming. If you love your selfies, don’t worry as the iPhone X also has a new front-facing “TrueDepth” camera, which is an improvement on the already professional shot-taker introduced on the iPhone 7 Plus

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