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Food is a major industry in Indonesia and with a population of 261 million, it should come as no surprise that the food market here is huge. With large population and myriad of cuisines, this is why these 5 food start-ups were created, to cater to all of Indonesian food whims. Curious to find out who they are and what they do? Continue to scroll down.

Berry Kitchen is basically an online catering platform that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner wherever you are. With various products such as lunch catering, ready to eat meals and chef meal, Berry kitchen wants to make your life easier by providing a food service that will not only satisfy your hunger and health need, but they also provides necessary cooking ingredients. Just register, order your meal and wait for your food to come.


Curious to know a social network catered especially for food? Well, Qraved can satisfy your curiosity. Launched in 2013, Qraved wants you to have the best food experience by letting you browse and share food photos with added descriptions. Users can upvote the food by clicking ‘Qrave it’, similar with the ‘likes’ feature on Facebook. Through Qraved, you can get the latest culinary news, full reviews from popular food blogs, dining guides and complete restaurant information right at your fingertips. They offer dining points as well after every successful bookings for users to redeem discount vouchers. On top of that, Qraved also allows users to make restaurant reservation.

Club Ala Carte

Alacarte is the latest app-based dining membership program offering access to dining privileges across high-end restaurants from cafe and bakeries to bar and lounges. They offer buy-1-get-1 complimentary dining offers ranging from appetizers, main course, desserts, to cocktails, across hundreds of restaurant partners in Jakarta. With only Rp.600.000,- per year membership, Club Ala Carte is heaven sent for foodies or people who regularly eat out as they can save tonnes of money with this app.


The India-based restaurant listing already has a total of 1.2 million restaurants listed in Indonesia with 10 million reviews by users till date. Zomato is essentially the go-to app now for Indonesians looking for best places to eat. With complete restaurant listing, menus and other useful information like photos and address, Zomato has become most of our trusted food companion for a long time.


Indotable is not only an online restaurant booking reservation service, but its main attraction is the online social event promotion features that aim to unite friends who share the same hobby. Users can create their unique social event with any purpose such as wine tasting, language exchange or service promotions. With a high usage seen from expats and foreigners who come to visit Indonesia, kudos to Indotable for giving them a platform to find and build connections when they’re away from home.

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