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Indonesia is a country rich in culture and heritage. That’s why it’s so unfortunate that many of us have limited knowledge about Indonesian culture, let alone can truly appreciate it. In response to this, the Sekar Ayu Jiwanta Foundation will present Genta Sriwijaya: an Indonesian historical play that will be held at Taman Ismail Marzuki on November 20.

“Even though it tells a story of Indonesian history, the performance will blend modernity starting from the music, dance, costume, stage layout, and video mapping, which is really amazing,” said Kenthus Bharata, the play’s director. “I’m confident that this performance is suited for young people to give them some insight into the current generation of our long history.”

Because the purpose is to conserve Indonesian culture through performance art, many public figures known for their contribution in the arts and cultural scene in the country will take part in the performance. These include Andrea Miranda, Daniel Christianto, Ruth Sahanaya, Ivy Batuta, Inaya Wahid, Yenny Wahid, Bambang Pamungkas, Cathy Sharon, Ncess Nabati, Sogi Indra Dhuaja, and Deasy Novianty.

Not only that, Genta Sriwijaya will also feature renowned players such as Denny Malik as the creative and show director, Kenthus Ampiranto as the director, Rangga Djoned as the art director, and Tohpati as the musical director. Each of them will contribute to the performance, making sure it runs smoothly and achieves its original goals of conserving and spreading Indonesian historical culture.

For an hour-and-a-half, Genta Sriwijaya will merge historical events happening in present time and in the past, intending to let the audience travel back in time. Not only does the play intends to spread and conserve Indonesian culture, it also plans to invite its audience to care for its fellow brothers and sisters as the profits gained from the play will be donated to help the education of underprivileged children in Southern Sumatera.

Genta Sriwijaya tells the story of Kingdom of Sriwijaya, which was ruled by Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayanasa who went on a spiritual journey called ngalap berkah in order to conquer other kingdoms and make the Sriwijaya Kingdom prosperous.

IMG_3373.JPGGenta Sriwijaya press conference, held on Thursday, November 8 at The Pallas. Photo credit: Aditya from RHD Prod.

IMG_3414.JPGThe cast and crew as well as producers of Genta Sriwijaya posed together at the press conference. Photo credit: Aditya from RHD Prod.

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