Rapid development in technology and mobility mark the high-end lifestyle of the 21st century. One aspect of this level of affluence is the ownership of a ritzy, elegant and comfortable vehicle that sets a high standard on safety. Facing tough competitisions from its Teutonic brothers, Mercedes-Benz pulled out all the stops with its all-new flagship, the Mercedes-Benz Indonesia translates the vogue via a brand-new flagship, specially orchestrated and directly shipped from Germany: the Mercedez-Benz S 400 L Exclusive. 

An aesthetically attractive engineering masterpiece, the luxury large saloon deserves to be dubbed a piece of art. A special edition of the remarkable S Class 2014, this extraordinary car heralds the true DNA of a Mercedes-Benz. Elegantly designed for the select few, its featurs are able to comply with the desires of a consumer that never cease to yearn for a premium-class vehicle with state-of-the-art technology, complete safety, and unparalleled comfort. The configuration and the blending of style featured in the interior and exterior design are both graceful and stylish. 

Right from the drawing board, the super luxury car exudes excellence performance on the enginerring and enviornmental friendliness. The engline generates an output that reaches 245 kW (333 Hp) and a maximum torque of 480 Nm. The long wheelbase S Class can sprint from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 6.8 seconds, and its top speed could peak at 250 km/hour. Acceleration takes place smoothly, assertively and without hesitation through its 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. Despite all the high-end aspects, the exclusive saloon is economical and environmentally friendly. The fuel consumption stays in the range of 7.5 l/100km and the CO2 emissions are only 147g/ km.

The eco-friendly qualities could be further improved and offer the highest driving pleasure sans compromise. True to the green virtues, all lighting functions in both the exterior and interior apply LED energy-saving technology. Fashioned from an intelligent combination of steel and aluminium, the S Class Exclusive is 95 kilogrammes lighter than its predecessors. Other major practical features, including the alternator management and the ECO start/stop function, serve to re- emphasise the environmental friendliness of the luxurious masterpiece on wheels. The extra long fuselage of the S 400 L Exclusive boasts an extra legroom.

A wide array of user-friendly high- quality entertainment features could also function as an ideal condition to work and relax on the move. The ritzy intrinsic ensures that any travel in this car will provide an encouraging and unforgettable driving experience for privileged dignitaries. Safety and assistance are also the essential features in the S400 L Exclusive. These characteristics range from a reinforced body structure and a complete set of airbags to various intelligent handling and driving- assistance systems. As for security, this car comes with an active parking assist system that helps its driver to parallel-park the car.

The S 400 L Exclusive also features an acceleration skid-control technology that keeps its tyres from skidding, coupled with an electronic stability programme, and a tyre- pressure warning system. A rain sensor and a system that keep the tyres rolling despite being flat also come as standard. A COMAND Online system, featuring a high-resolution display through TFT technology and a 31.2 cm screen, comes in handy for communication. The integrated hotspot assures broad Internet connection, bluetooth interface and stereo audio streaming for music transmission. A DVD player, two USB ports in the centre console, a slot for SDHC memory cards, and a 10GB memory for compressed audio/video files pamper passengers as part of its first-class entertainment system.

Another elegant innovation worth noting in the S 400 L Exclusive is the air balance system that could comply with the passengers’ mood and personal taste. The unique high-technology gear offers a choice of four fragrances to create a unique atmosphere in the interior diffused through the automatic climate control system. The air balance package also improves air quality through ionisation with charged oxygen. It is proficient in destroying certain viruses, bacteria, or spores, re-freshen the air, and enhance the wellbeing of its riders.