In keeping up with Lexus’s tradition of being one of the country’s premium car brands, Lexus Indonesia has now launched the all-new Lexus GS 200t series for drivers who are in search of the ultimate in modern yet sporty rides. The magic all starts on the outside. The exterior of the GS 200t series boasts an inviting feel with this particular model’s trademark spindle grille. The vehicle also comes with three LED headlights, the highest feature specification in this class, as well as a backlight, making it all the more visually stunning, especially under starlit skies.

Meanwhile, the interior features of the all-new model are both grand in size and provide drivers with optimum safety features, as well as enhanced comfort. Semi-bucket seats, for example, provide firm and stable driving position with its Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) feature. The car’s stable wheel system also offers optimal handling in all conditions. For a more exciting driving experience, the all-new Lexus GS200t series comes with a 4 Drive Mode select with Sport + Mode feature, coloured HUD as well as the 17 speakers high resolution audio by Mark Levinson .

Experience more the thrilling power shrouded with luxury of the all-new Lexus GS 200t in Indonesia Tatler September 2016 edition.

(Photo by Lexus)

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