With BMW Driving Experience 2016, a one-of-a-kind driving adventure that offers a dynamic behind-the-wheel experience, BMW Indonesia aims to strengthen the fascination towards its brand while, at the same time, setting a benchmark in the Indonesian automotive industry as the first premium vehicle company to offer such a unique driving adventure. The programs not only offer the thrill of driving at the limit, but also an unforgettable experience in Arjeplog, Sweden.

“BMW Driving Experience promises our customers across the globe with a professional, unique and spectacular experience. As the world’s most successful premium automotive brand, we are always inventing new ways to share the excitement of the BMW brand.

Through BMW Driving Experience 2016, we aim to make our customers’ dreams come true by providing them with a series of thrilling driving experiences and adventures, including a winter driving event at Arjeplog. This adventure will certainly satisfy the wishes of drivers seeking an unforgettable driving experience,” said Mrs. Karen Lim, President Director of BMW Group Indonesia.

One of the driving experience program in which the public can participate in 2016 is The BMW Winter Driving Experience, Arjeplog, Sweden held on 23-27 February 2016. Participants can discover the snowy Arjeplog in Northern Sweden, located 60 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, through the BMW Winter Driving Experience.

At the far reaches of Scandinavia, participants begin their adventure by honing their driving skills as they drive under extreme winter conditions with confidence.

For anyone seeking the ultimate thrill, the experience of driving on the frozen lakes of Arjeplog is an absolute must. Previously made exclusively available to BMW test drivers and development engineers for testing purposes, the frozen lakes provide the ideal conditions for participants to practice vehicle control at the stability limits – even at higher speeds.

At the wheel of a BMW M4 Coupe fitted with spikes, participants will learn how to handle the challenges on specially prepared, generously proportioned stretches of ice with the help of various safety features such as 50:50 weight distribution, chassis control technology like Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Cornering Brake Control (CBC).

The BMW Driving Experience professional team guarantees that every corner, every drift, every acceleration and every braking maneuver will be an unforgettable experience. BMW enthusiasts can treat themselves to an unforgettable adrenaline rush at the spectacular BMW Winter Driving Experience for Rp. 78.100.000 net (including VAT).

For this price, the participants can get a return air ticket from Stuttgart to Arvidsjaur, Sweden, Two overnight stays at Steinberger Graf Zeppelin 5-star hotel in Stuttgart, Shuttle service Stuttgart hotel – airport and airport Stuttgart hotel, Two overnight stays in a single room of 4-star Hotel Kraja in Arjeplog, Theory of winter driving dynamics and practical driving sessions include drifting and parcours handling, team supervision and insurance.

BMW is working together with its partners HSBC and Turkish Airlines to introduce this exciting adventure to the public. HSBC with the support of Turkish Airlines will send HSBC Visa Signature Card Top Referrers and Premier Banking Customers Top Referrers to participate in this program.

Visit www.mybmw.co.id/drivingexperience to find out more about the trip and register your interest.

Registration closing date: 23 January 2016 

More information:

BMW Call Center (021) 2927 9677, Mon-Fri, 09.00-17.00


IMPORTANT: The costs, organization and flight booking or arrival and departure must be covered by participants. Active-driving participants must be 18 years of age and carry a valid national and international driving licenses. 

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