This US$90 million luxury motor yacht certainly lives up to its name. The Silver Fast can slice through the chop at more than 27 knots, making it the fastest aluminium vessel of its type with conventional propulsion. At 77 metres from bow to stern, it’s also one of the largest, and its range of 4,500 nautical miles will get you from Tokyo to Colombo with fuel to spare. The brainchild of naval architect Espen Oeino, the sleek vessel was crowned Finest New Yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. It sleeps up to 18 guests in eight suites and cabins, and up to 17 crew. The owner’s apartment occupies an entire level and includes its own private outdoor deck along with his and hers bathrooms, walk-in wadrobes, a spacious living room and an office. The beach club boasts extensive equipment for on-water entertainment, plus a sauna, steam room, gym, massage room and beauty salon. Films played in the outdoor cinema can be enjoyed from the eight-person Jacuzzi on the sun deck, and a 70,000-watt sound system is on hand to transform the vessel into a floating disco.


There’s a reason the Deepflight Dragon looks like something a reluctant Q might hand over to James Bond; the submarine 007 shocked beachgoers with when he drove out of the water in For Your Eyes Only was created by DeepFlight founder Graham Hawkes. This two-seater submersible, however, is better for marvelling at marine life than tracking down bad guys and beautiful girls. and you don’t need 007’s technical dexterity; it’s so easy to operate, anyone can do it. rather than flooding tanks with water like a conventional submarine, four rotors gently drive the submersible below the surface, up to 120 metres, while two rear rotors propel the vessel, which manoeuvres much like an aircraft. the controls are intuitive and simple. Because the craft is buoyant, if anything goes wrong you’ll simply float to the surface. 


An exciting blend of jet ski, car and plane, this amphibious two-seater can take off and land on tarmac, grass or water, and its 100 horses will power it to 10,000 feet and a top speed of 176km/h, with a range of 780km. The Icon A5 is simple to fly—wannabe pilots can be in the air after just 20 hours of training—and it’s packed with safety features, including an anti-stalling device and a ballistic parachute that will deploy in case of emergency. for those who enjoy a little wind in their hair, the side panels retract. the craft is just seven metres long and weighs less than 500kg. With its wings folded back, the a5 can be hitched to a car for the tow home. Those keen to realise that childhood dream of a flying car will have to be patient; with a queue of more than 1,500 orders to date, a deposit paid today won’t have you in the air before 2018. 


The latest business jet from Gulfstream aerospace, the gold standard of private aviation, is a streamlined dart that will get you from Hong Kong to Frankfurt in a single hop at just under the speed of sound. It’s large, wide-bodied cabin can accommodate up to 18 passengers, or eight sleeping, and is fully customisable: bedroom, meeting room, living room, galley at the front or back— it’s all up to you. the largest windows in business aviation, a high cabin pressure and oodles of fresh air help alleviate jet lag. The lighting level, temperature, window shades and entertainment are all operated from a smartphone touchscreen. and the touchscreen technology continues up front, where the pilots do their thing at what look like giant smartphone screens. 


The BestiaNera—Italian for black beast—is a high-tech hybrid bicycle that’s equally at home in the velodrome and on the road, making it the perfect choice for the sporty city slicker. It’s a simple task of just a few minutes to transform the beast, used in its racing form by the likes of Italian track champion Giairo ermeti, for the road—simply change the wheels and front fork. the kinetic energy recovery system stores electricity generated from braking to power a motor that can propel the bike from 0-30km/h in just three rotations of the pedals and take the hard slog out of hill climbing. With its carbon-fibre frame, an incredibly sexy design by architect romolo stanco, the bicycle weighs less than 10kg. Its high-tech alloys also reduce vibrations through the saddle and handlebars, so you’ll arrive at the office in perfect form for that 9am meeting. 


Worried your land-based conveyance won’t live up to the aura of your arrival by superyacht? Worry no more. British specialist carmaker BAC has just introduced a custom-designed “marine edition” of its ultra-lightweight, road-legal Mono supercar. the single-seater, which features comprehensive corrosion protection, is powered by a 305bhp normally aspirated engine that propels it from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds—that’s better than the Bugatti Veyron—and hits 270km/h when flat-out. It comes in a special container for onboard climate-controlled storage—and with a clever lifting system that will have you off the Monaco berth and winding your way up the Col de Turini shortly after docking. the cockpit of each BAC Mono Marine is tailor-made to fit the owner’s body and driving style, and the exterior is completely customisable, right down to the colour scheme of the driver’s helmet. You wouldn’t want your supercar to clash with your superyacht! 

Text by Rik Glauert

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