Volkswagen cars are soon to be locally

Recent signs have pointed to European car manufacturers pushing into Asia and, as a result, creating a competitive edge with other European brands. Leading the way are Renault and Volkswagen who will be assembling their products in Indonesia using existing facilities.

All of this is part of an initiative to bring more recognised brands to Indonesia as Director of Maritime, Transportation and Defense Equipment Industry of the Ministryof Industry Putu Juli Ardika explained: “There are Renault and Volkswagen; they will be the first to assemble, but they will use the existing general assembler.” Indonesia has a possible a car production capacity of 2.2 million units, yet currently only a capacity of 1.2 million is being utilised. With the inclusion of Renault, Volkswagen and several other automotive manufacturers using Indonesia has their new manufacturing hub, the future holds a more positive outlook when considering the increased exposure and aggressive marketing that is sure to follow with regards to automotive products in Indonesia. 

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