Applause, cheers, and tears rained down as newlyweds Imelda Chandra Wijaya, hand-in-hand with Hendry Tan, entered the ballroom at Hotel Mulia Senayan. The sweeping long lace train on a flower-strewn carpet and shining tiara atop an elegant coiffure adorned an even more dazzling smile that bloomed on Imelda as she walked beside her equally handsome Hendry. Up the couple went on the stage—decked richly in red, pink, and white flowers amid cascading crystals—bracketed by Mr Tan Tjeng Bin and Mrs Agnes Susanto, parents of Hendry, and Mr Dedy Supardi Ridwan and Mrs Ester Kristiani Wiryopranoto, parents of Imelda. A white, stunningly towering cake of more than seven stacks was another pièce de résistance that was presented first to the bride's and groom's families. VIP guests and socialites dressed in brilliant colours mingled merrily among the crowd.

Photo by Heri B. Heryanto