The Generation T 2018 list was officially launched on August 10 and was joined by 50 bright young names from all walks of life, along with members of Tatler Tribe - the panel of industry heavyweights who nominate names for the list. Held at the lavish Immigrant Dining Room, the event started with an opening speech from Indonesia Tatler Managing Editor and Generation T Asia Editor.

Achmad Zaky, Founder and CEO of, gave an inspiring sharing session about the importance of working hard and being creative. The evening also saw BNI Young Generation awarding session and token of appreciation from Omega to five listers. Not only that, Indonesia Tatler has established a CSR programme with PanSophia Nusantara, an educational NGO, where each lister has been paired with one child on the basis of their personalities and will encouraged them to achieve their dreams.

Photo by: Irwan Kurnia & SweetEscape