Decked in gorgeous ensembles for the Generation T 2018 Launch Party, Indonesia Tatler's esteemed guests arrived at Immigrant Dining Room in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, last Friday night to celebrate the unveiling of this year's Gen.T List. Ready to give the well-deserved recognition to the 50 top listers are the Tatler Tribe, including pianist Ananda Sukarlan, architect Cosmas Gozali, and Accenture's Neneng Goenadi. Also supporting their fellow friends and welcoming them to the Gen.T community are last year's 2017 Gen.T alumni, such as Bukalapak's Achmad Zaky, HijUp's Diajeng Lestari, and the talented TV personalities and social influencers Elizabeth Rahajeng and Maria Rahajeng.

Without further ado, from empowering entrepreneurs to celebrity crushes, here's an exclusive first look at the star-studded Generation T 2018 launch party arrivals!

Photo: Heri B. Haryanto

Covered by: Indonesia Tatler