As one of the most prominent Indonesian figures, Mien Uno has played an extraordinary role in the history of society at large and the lives of her beloved families. This year, the mother of Sandiaga Uno, minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, celebrated her 80th birthday at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.

The selected invitees, including Tatler Indonesia's CEO and Bureau Chief, Millie Stephanie Lukito, mingled around with VVIPs and top-echelon leaders decked out in classy attire. As Mien Uno, in her sparkling all-white dress, walked to the stage, everybody sang Happy Birthday in three different languages. Friends and families then prayed for her health and happiness, followed by a tumpeng-cutting tradition to mark another fresh start of her life.

In conjunction with the memorable birthday, Mien Uno also launched two of her latest books: Citra Cinta untuk Bu Mien and Dari Kolonial ke Milenial. The launching of these books further showed her positive contribution and a giving spirit to serve the society now hard-hit by the current pandemic. Citra Cinta untuk Bu Mien tells about the relationship between Mien Uno and her beloved ones. Meanwhile, Dari Kolonial ke Milenial is about her magnificent life throughout the changing decades. Mien Uno also talked about the reason why she launched her latest book during the special occasion. “For me, these two books expressed my gratitude for the countless God's work in my life,” said Uno. “I also want to share my life experience and inspiration to the wider community, especially for the younger generation. I hope that these books not only could broaden young minds, but also empower them to make more positive changes in our country”

Covered by: Hesikios Kevin