It was a joyful Saturday for Fandy Gumanti, son of Mr Drs. EC. Ferdinand Gumanti, S.H. and Mrs Debora Caroline Gumanti, and Victonia, daughter of Mr Djoko Yosua Mangowal and Mrs Thereshia Winarni, as the pair celebrated their nuptials with their family and friends. Fandy looked dapper in his black bow-tie suit, while Victonia was transformed into a snow princess with an ethereal embellished white gown by Yefta Gunawan, with her hair adorned in a transparent long, white veil.

The ceremony, held at AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA, started with a holy matrimony in the morning at Jimbaran Garden, followed by a formal wedding reception in the evening in the grand ballroom. Guests were seen cheering for the bride and groom as they made their way into the ballroom, which was beautifully decorated like a mini garden, complete with pastel-coloured flowers. Guests, clad in their suits and evening gowns, were seen enjoying the delightful dishes served at the occasion while listening to the live music.

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