The art of taking street style picture is not easy. You need to scout the perfect location, make sure the backdrop pops out in the picture and, of course, you need to choose your wardrobe carefully since street style mostly focuses on the cool and subversive style. What’s next? You seek the inspiration, of course!

In our Tatlergrams edition, we gathered a variety of street style snaps from our favourite social fixtures’ Instagram pages, because hey! Inspirations can come from anywhere. Elizabeth Rahajeng looks uber chic with all-grey wardrobe and classic shade, while Bunga Citra Lestari show off her inner biker chick with leather jacket, black legging and ample size handbag.

Actress Julie Estelle keeps it simple with black tank top and stripes pants, and those sport shoes? Perfecto! Shalvynne Chang posted a candid picture of her, rocking long sleeve shirt with mini-skirt and a hat, at Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. The gorgeous Atiqah Hasiholan shows off her legs with simple motif dress paired with slim handbag.

Elsewhere the gents, Ernanda Putra and Richard Muljadi, boast two different looks: the first keeps it classic black and white, while the other matches two bright colours and make it work.

(Text by Umesh Bhagchandani)

Covered by: Indonesia Tatler Editor