Ring the bells because the Wedding Season has officially arrived!

September has seen plenty of lavish weddings held across the town and beyond (Don’t forget to check out our Soiree section in the magazine). However, we noticed another thing on our Instagram feeds: gorgeous and stylish wedding attires worn by our favourite social fixtures. So, in our latest Tatlergrams edition we can't resist to show you some of our favourite images.

Let’s start with the modern bridesmaids outfits. Angel Susinto looks stunning in her sleek bridesmaid dress, while the young entrepreneur Kartika Winata stay classy in her baby blue dress that complements the backdrop. Patricia Davina keeps it classic with her chic white outfit, and social influencer Silvia Siantar looks radiant in her one-shoulder dress.

Elsewhere, other social darlings flaunted their national pride in their wedding outfits, such as the gorgeous Sabrina Joseph who worn white top and maroon kebaya skirt and singer & actress Bunga Citra Lestari in sophisticated kebaya posing together with her dashing husband. Not stopping there, we can’t take our eyes off the happy bride Kleting Titis Wigati who celebrated her big day at the magnificent Borobudur Temple. 

(Text by Umesh Bhagchandani)