The end of October always demands creativity and tons of energy. Why? For Halloween party, of course! And this year is no different. Although not as grandly celebrated in the other parts of the world, Halloween parties still mark high importance among our social fixtures’ calendars.

In this edition of Tatlergrams, we have gathered selected images from our favourite Instagram users who took the time and effort to dress up and transformed into their best-loved characters.

The energetic Sally Koeswanto opted to become Harley Quinn a.k.a this year’s favourite Halloween’s costume, while Michelle Vanessa dressed up as another superheroine classic: the mysterious Catwoman. Not missing out from the pop-culture reference is YouTube star Claudia Novira who “embodied” The Enchantress from 2016’s popular movie, Suicide Squad.

The gentlemen didn’t shy away from going the extra mile (despite only a handful, but we appreciate the gesture)! Just take a look at Mike Lewis and his precious son Kenzou who took up the challenge to become father-and-son Joker. Elsewhere, the young crooner Nathan Hartono, who has Indonesian-Chinese heritage, took face-painting to a whole new level with his Instagram post. Was it a pre or post Halloween stint? We guess only Nathan can answer that.

(Text by Umesh Bhagchandani)