Last Wednesday, our beloved nation celebrated its 71st year of independence. The spirit of patriotism hung around the country, where our national flag stood tall and proud in every nook and crannies and the proud citizens decked out in red and white colours celebrating the independence with zest and revelry. The festivity can also be seen across the social media –not surprising since we are a social media obsessed nation, but in this case it’s a good thing– especially on our darling socialites and celebrities’ Instagram pages.

In our Independence Day Tatlergrams edition we see media mogul’s daughter Dita Soedarjo celebrated the Independence Day by going to a charity, but not before taking a selfie on her private boat. Former model and socialite, Gaby Bakrie, also posted a similar picture with Indonesian flag against the backdrop. Meanwhile, socialite Rani TDJ and husband colour coordinate their outfits for the special day.

Singer Millane Fernandez gave her patriotic salute while wearing a chic red and white stripes bandana. Another Indonesian sweetheart, Raisa, looked drop-dead gorgeous in a black kebaya top and patterned skirt at the National Palace.

For the gents, Kevin Maharis took the prize by sporting traditional Javanese look complete with batik, sarong and blankon (talk about full-on nationalism!).  Entrepreneur Keenan Pearce waved the national flag on top of the mountain, while actor Arifin Putra admired the majestic beauty of our archipelago.

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! Let’s build a better future for our beloved country, together.