While Valentine's Day used to mean candle light dinner and chocolates overload, the day of love has slowly been celebrated by almost everyone else. Because love should not be restricted to only limited audience, right? 

In this edition of #Tatlergrams we have compiled a hodgepodge of beautiful Instagram pictures from our dear social friends who celebrated the day of love in their own unique ways.

Take a gander at Fitria Yusuf, Luna Maya, Angela Arifin and Shalvynne Chang's posts to realised that love is truly in the air.

Adinda Bakrie celebrated Valentine's with her adorable children, while Marshanda had a dinner date with a dear friend.

Maria Rahajeng and Nadya Hutagalung sent sweet cyber loves to all of their followers. And Patricia Gouw celebrated the day with her model friends. 

Scroll through for warm, fuzzy feelings.