Beauty is one of the fastest-growing industries and always manages to come up with something new every year. We agree that everyone has their individual preferences when it comes to applying make-up, but every now and then some breathtaking trends come along, and it’s always interesting to try something new. So 2019 will see some of the coolest and most impressive trends ranging from jelly make up to baby bangs. Keep reading to see some fresh-off-the-runway beauty trends right away.

Berry lips

Red lipstick never goes out of style, but this year will see berry lips making a comeback. Dark, bold, and beautiful berry lip shades are the ones to stay. And we’ve already seen the Indonesian make-up queen Tasya Farasya on trend!

Shiny eyes

Another make-up trend you should take into consideration this year is shiny eyes. By taking your brush and applying a shimmery shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids, you’ll definitely be ready to conquer the day. Everybody loves a little glitz and glam, and we see celebrity make-up artist Natasha Moor already keeping up with the trend with this glamorous shiny eyeshadow.

Baby bangs

Time to bid adieu to every other hairstyle and say hello to baby bangs! New year, new hair, new you? Sounds about right. Dramatic and charming, baby bangs are the perfect fit for all face shapes. Actress Emma Roberts rocked the baby bangs so well, as shared by the phenomenal hairstylist Nikki Lee. Start 2019 with some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes and chop chop.

Powder-dipped nails

We definitely want you to start the new year with the perfect nails. The latest trend that started a few months ago and has made its way through 2019 is powder-dipped nails. Long-lasting, easy, and guaranteed to have no pain when you want to remove them, powder-dipped nails sound almost too good to be true. Dip your nails into the powder and watch the magic happen.

Rainbow eyes

If you’re all about being fun and spontaneous, this one’s for you. Rainbow eyes give you a striking and impressive look you never thought would be possible to achieve. Choose a set of your favourite colours and have fun! Sarah Ayu, one of our favourite beauty vloggers, shows us an impressive rainbow eyes make-up look that makes us want to get our eyeshadow brushes and palettes right away!

Clear brow gel

Long-lasting and every make-up artist’s go-to beauty product is the clear brow gel. It’s always good to keep your eyebrows neat, tidy, and not too overboard, and this is what the clear brow gel exactly does. This one is definitely going to last!

High-gloss cheeks

It’s always a good idea to have your cheeks stand out. High-gloss cheeks will give your face the extra oomph it needs. A perfect example is of Indonesian make-up enthusiast Vinna Gracia whose picture is quite far behind, yet her cheeks are standing out!

Rose-gold foil lips

This year, we take foil out of the kitchen and into our beauty bags. Rose-gold foil lips are the latest must! This beauty look was seen on the runway several times, once on one of Jeremy Scott’s models who was dolled up by make-up artist Kabuki. This liquid-metal-inspired lip will give you the perfect amount of glam you need.

Jelly make-upJelly-Much-Foxes_A_800x1200.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Colourpop

A dewy make-up look is what we all want to achieve and it’s only possible with jelly make-up! Jelly make-up are gel-like textures and give you a dewy look right away. Jelly make up can be found on eyeshadows, highlighters and primers, and all things in between!

Pinned ponytails

A super-high ponytail with a unique pin? Yes, please! The hairstyle trend that’s sure to stay in 2019 is pinned ponytails. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan shows us how it’s done by achieving a high ponytail with a dripping hair pin to complete the look.

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