Hairstyles come in almost different shape, style and colours. Some women may be capable to rock an afro while others like it more subtle. Some like it blue, while others like it purple. Some likes it short, while others like it longer. There’s no end to it! You could absolutely have any hairstyle and that’s the beauty of it. Hairstyles are fun as it gives you the chance to explore and try out new things. Treating your hair properly is also very important as it is your personal crown and makes a whole lot of difference when looking presentable. So if you’re looking for a new look or in need of a little inspiration, here are 10 hairstyles inspiration from some of our favourite ladies.

Bunga Citra Lestari: A Messy Updo

This hairstyle is meant to make your hair look messily gorgeous and is probably the only thing in the world that combines gorgeous with messy. Whether its an impromptu night out or a day at the beach - a messy updo always seems to get the job well done. Here we see Bunga Citra Lestari nailed her very own messy updo.


Millane Fernandez: Hollywood Curls

Known for its glitz and glam, there’s nothing a little hollywood curls and red lipstick can’t fix! Perfect for the red carpet or a rendezvous night, this hairstyle is the answer for them all. With her vibrant personality and stunning features, Millane Fernandez looks absolutely stunning with these hollywood curls.

Anastasia Siantar: Beach Curls

You know the hairstyle you get once you get out of the ocean and the breeze kinda replaces your hairdryer and does the job? That’s the exact hairstyle were talking about, the beach curls. Beach Curls is probably the most simple yet striking hairstyle any woman can do. Beach Curls add volume to your hair and Anastasia Siantar is stunning enough to show us how.

Dita Soedarjo: Laidback Ponytail

For a girl who's always on-the-go, laidback ponytail seems the hairstyle any girl should master. A laid back ponytail, like the one spotted in Dita Soedarjo, gives you the chance to look prim and proper. This hairstyle works with almost every outfit, whether its a day at work or a night out with the girlfriends.

 Dian Sastrowardoyo: The Flat Look

We are taking all kinds of inspiration from this look. How is it possible for Dian Sastrowardoyo to look so simple yet so refine at the same time? It’s the hair, of course. Perfectly straight and volumized, Dian Sastrowardoyo looks absolutely chic.

Shalvynne Chang: Slicked Back

One hairstyle we’ve spotted at events and on the red carpet is the sexy slicked back hairstyle. Something about this look makes every lady feel sleek and trés chic. This edgy hairstyle isn’t so hard to master after all. Let Shalvynne Chang showed you how.

 Gisella Anastasia: The Accessorized Ponytail

One fun thing about hairstyles is how easily and creatively you can accessorize it. Whether its a clip or a headband, it always tends to work. Here, Gisella Anastasia has her hair in a ponytail, but to look even more chic she adds a white bandana and her bangs at the front.

 Nadine Chandrawinata: Javanese Hair Updo

Living in Indonesia we sure are familiar with the Javanese hair updo. Mostly spotted at weddings and parties, this hairstyle has the ability to make you look extra stunning. A number of Indonesian ladies, just like Nadine Chandrawinata, are often seen with this look.

Anggun Cipta: The Straight Fall

Having your hair fall down straightly is one of the coolest looks we love. Anggun Cipta has done exactly that and pushed it all to one side to create volume! The straight fall is a beloved look between most ladies everywhere.

 Shania Punjabi: The Side Bun

When it comes to Shania Punjabi, we can count on almost every hairstyle to look good on this beauty. Shania has her hair curled up in a side bun which she matched with her formal attire. Everything about the hairstyle to her gown looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it?

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