Beauty Gurus, MUA’s, beauty bloggers, beauticians all have one thing in common: creativity! It’s no lie that when it comes to makeup there’s always a new trend and it's always made to last. One current beauty trend that caught our attention is the fake freckle makeup trend. A number of Indonesian celebrities have been spotted with this look, because you know what they say, “freckles not only make you unique, but even more beautiful”. Find out which of our favorite celebrities have jumped into the freckles bandwagon!

Tasya Kamila

This singer superstar has decided to try out something different and joined in the faux freckle trend and it’s no lie how stunning she pulled this look off. The fake freckles not only make Tasya appear more vibrant, but all the more gorgeous as well.

Ayu Dewi

Model Ayu Dewi stepped in the fake freckle trend along with a bronzy makeup look. Okay, after this we know what kind of makeup looks best with fake freckles. Ayu Dewi rocked it!

Shandy Aulia

Makeup is art and Shandy is one gorgeous art piece. The fake freckle makeup trend looks stunning on Shandy as it brings out her dewy skin and bold eyes.

Titi Kamal

Rarely scene in a bold makeup look, Titi Kamal decided to try something different out. We are in love with this look and were sure she is too!

Chelsea Islan

The summer sun, her long lashes and the fake freckles; everything about this look seems rather perfect on Chelsea Islan.

Luna Maya

Of course this trendy actress keeps up with the latest trends. Luna Maya nails the fake freckle look so incredibly, we almost thought it was real.

Velove Vexia

Not only is the highlight doing its job to make Velove Vexia’s face glows, but so are the fake freckles. There’s just something about this look that makes us all want to steal it.

Audy Item

Everything about this picture is so naturally beautiful. Audy Item looks like one of those girls who could use a fake freckle look on a daily basis, how lucky!


With skin like that, Ashanty is definitely rocking the fake freckle look. A hint of blush and fake freckles is the way to go!


Beauty Guru Cindercella is up on trend with the latest makeup looks and is seen with fake freckles quite often. We mean if it looks that good on her, why not?

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