A huge worry that almost every woman faces is picking out the right shade of lipstick that suits her skin tone perfectly. Even harder is picking out the right brand. With the lipstick craze taking over the beauty industry one day at a time today, Indonesia is home to numerous cosmetic brands that sell some of the best lip shades you’ve ever seen. Different formulas, unique colours, and highly pigmented, it’s time to get your hands on these Made in Indonesia lipsticks brands.


Amberli is an Indonesian cosmetics brand that believes everyone deserves to feel sexy. Combining a lightweight formula to give you fuller lips, Amberli’s lipsticks are definitely a must-try. Giving you both matte and metallic lipsticks, there’s a shade for everyone.

Mineral Botanica

Everybody loves products with no preservatives. At Mineral Botanica, all its products are also paraben free, animal-cruelty-free, and halal. Ranging from liquid matte to satin smooth, Mineral Botanica has some of the most gorgeous shades.

Madame Gie Cosmetics

Economical and high-quality products is what Madame Gie is all about. Madame Gie is a cosmetics brand by the Indonesian singer Gisella Anastasia. Lip tints and matte lipsticks in a shade for everyone are offered by Madame Gie. The best part? It’s so affordable!

Wardah Beauty

Since it first opened, Wardah has expanded and become one of Indonesia’s most famous cosmetic brands today. Stay exclusive every day with Wardah’s matte lip creams that are absolutely gorgeous. With warm shades and red shades both, this is definitely our go-to.

Dear Me Beauty

Dear Me Beauty believes in making beauty better. Always up-to-the-minute with the shades of the year, Dear Me Beauty definitely knows which shades are in and out. Seize the day with its multistick crayons and matte lip creams!

Emina Cosmetics

You can always fix a bad day with the right shade of lipstick! Emina Cosmetics has recently just launched its Sugar Rush lipstick collection, which comes in a set of shades and is every girl’s dream.

Rosé All Day Cosmetics

Rosé All Day Cosmetics is your perfect guide to a no-make-up look. Rosé All Day Cosmetics is famous for its lip-cheek duo sticks, which can be applied both on the lips and cheek to give your look that extra oomph. Rosé All Day and slay!

Dissy Cosmetics

Dissy Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand by our favourite couple Andhika Pratama and Ussy Sulistiawaty. Lip tints, lipsticks, lip velvets—Dissy Cosmetics has it all. Ranging from the different shades of nudes to striking bold colours, you’ll have a shade for every outfit.


LT PRO has shades you will definitely fall in love with. Red, pink, or nude, LT PRO definitely has the right shade for you that will also be perfect for your skin tone. The brand recently launched its Millennial Duo Lips, which is a series by Anastasia Siantar and the most chic shades ever.

Floret Cosmetic

You know what they say: put on some lipstick and live a little. Floret Cosmetic, another halal cosmetic brand, has the shades you will love. Recently, Floret Cosmetic collaborated with fashion influencer Jovi Adhiguna and launched a lip cream series. Easy to apply and not chappy, we think we’ve just found a winner.

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