Make-up has the ability to make everyone feel way more comfortable in their own skins. What’s magical about make up is its ability mix and match colours, styles, and even designs with the use of numerous products ranging from eyeshadow palettes all the way to eyebrow pencils. Following on from our first story covering the country’s 10 beauty influencers in 2017 that earned astounding numbers of clicks, we now take a look at another batch of 14 gorgeous Indonesian beauty influencers that you need to know in 2018.

Tyna Kanna Mirdad

This Indonesian beauty influencer always manages to work her magic so simply, yet so sophisticatedly. A simple puff of blush and a line of eyeliner always seems to do the work for Tyna Kanna Mirdad! Furthermore, Tyna has done a lipstick collaboration with Sasc Official.


Rissa always manages to give us the best make-up advice through her blog. She seems to be able to pull of any look. Here, Rissa is seen in a thick wing liner that manages to bring out her face so well, doesn't it? Her blog Lippielust is known to be Indonesia’s ultimate source for make-up swatches and reviews.

Rachel Goddard

With her uncountable number of youtube videos, Rachel Goddard is dropping inspiration everywhere. It’s no lie when we say this girl’s hands got magic in them. In this picture, we see Rachel going for an Asian Games inspired look, which is exciting and vibrant all in one!

Sarah Ayu

We can see how much time and effort Sarah puts into make-up, because how gorgeous do all her looks look? Her YouTube channel has everything ranging from how she removes her make-up all the way to her go-to look. One thing we love about Sarah is how her highlight is always popping!

Sara Robert

Sara Robert is literally the Goddess of makeup! Her ability to master any look, is simply put, inspiring. Sara plays with colours so well, it’s fascinating. Were getting major princess vibes from this look.

 Tasya Farasya

Tasya Farasya’s eyeshadow skill is out of this world! Whether its blue, yellow or green she knows how to blend those eyeshadow so well. The beauty influencer sure knows how to harmonize her eyes.

Stefany Talita

The dentist-to-be knows how to look presentable. Whether its a simple makeup look or a formal one, Stefany Talita always does it right.


Indonesia’s favourite beauty influencer, Cindercella or Marcella Febrianne Hadikusumo, never fails to disappoint. This beauty influencer has myriad levels of creative and her face is her palette.


Michelle Hendra, or also known as Michimomo, has the ability to look simple and subtle and the ability to go all-out as well. Michelle is seen in a very interesting make-up look here!

Amelia Bunjamin

Always looking like a doll, the beauty influencer is always up-to-date with trends. Amelia’s grey hair makes every make-up look thousand times perfect.

Vinna Gracia

Would it be too much to call Vinna Gracia a tropical princess with her bronzed look? With the perfect amount of highlights and bronzer, Vinna is dropping makeup inspirations everywhere!

Titan Tyra

Can we just take a moment to stop and stare and how perfect Titan Tyra’s lashes always tend to look? This beauty influencer is a pro when it comes to the eyes!

Devienna Setiawan

Always bringing out a classy look, Devienna Setiawan or known as Devienna Makeup, is all kinds of posh. Devienna’s halo eyes look so on-point here!

Linda Kayhz

Another beauty influencer who always get the eye look right is none other than, Linda Kayhz. Those lashes, eyeliner and eyeshadow are the perfect mixture of beauty on Linda.

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