You know what they say: how good your hair is determines how good your day will be. We couldn’t agree more. Your hairstyle is the imaginary crown you wear every day and everywhere you go, which is why it should always be on point. When it comes to stylish hair, some Indonesian celebrities and socialites seem to always get the job done. If you’re looking for a little change or a completely new look, here are seven hairstyle trends as seen on Indonesian celebrities and socialites that will definitely inspire you.

Sonia Eryka: The copper colour

We can always count on Sonia Eryka to try new things when it comes to hairstyles. We’ve seen Sonia in black hair, red hair, and lots more, and we can’t help but admit how well she pulls each off the colours. Currently, the fashion influencer is up-to-the-minute with copper-coloured hair, a popular colour in 2019. 

Jessica Iskandar: the long bob

We all know what the bob hairdo looks like, but have you ever heard of the long bob, or, in simpler words, the “lob”? The long bob is a 2019 must and we see Jessica Iskandar carrying it around like a boss. The lob is the perfect-length haircut as it gives you the chance to show off your collarbones and gives your face the frame it deserves. Jessica’s long bob is definitely our go-to look this year.

Jessie Setiono: straight and tidy

If you like looking prim and proper, this hairstyle is for you! The straight and tidy look is not only a 2019 favourite but has been for many years now. There’s just something about the super-straight hairstyle that makes you look extra-sophisticated. And, of course, who other than Jessie Setiono who can show us exactly how it’s done. Bonus points if you have a middle partition just like she does.

Cinta Laura Kiehl: waves on waves

Everybody loves a little drama on the hair, and we see Cinta Laura with the perfect amount of it when she’s rocking the flowy-waves hairstyle. What makes this hairstyle perfect is how it goes with every outfit. Effortless and wavy, Cinta Laura is doing it just right.

Isyana Sarasvati: beautiful bangs

Bangs are back in 2019 and they’re here to stay. Indonesian singer Isyana Sarasvati has been loyal to her bangs for quite some time now, and there’s something about the look that makes us all want to make a salon appointment right away. You know what they say: life's too short to have boring hair.

Agnes Monica: quality pixie

We can always count on Agnes Monica for a unique hairstyle. This year, we see the pop diva rocking a quality pixie. With layers on layers and a stunning colour, Agnes Monica nails this hairstyle with every look she has.

Prilly Latuconsina: the straightforward bob

The straightforward bob isn’t going anywhere this year. Prilly Latuconsina wears it in black and looks extra chic. Not only does this hairstyle keep you feeling fresh at all times, but it also makes you extra stylish.

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