What do Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston and Sofía Vergara have in common? We all know they all are gorgeous ladies. But besides that, they have all just launched their own signature fragrances this summer. From sweet to seductive scents, here are the top four newly launched celebrity fragrances.

Ariana Grande

Sweet as Ariana! Singer Ariana Grande just launched “Sweet Like Candy”, a new tempting twist on her original debut fragrance, 2015's “Ari by Ariana Grande”.  

The fragrance is described as “playful at heart, wrapped in decadent desire”. Inspired by Ariana's seductively sweet, fun and sexy personality, unlock your most delightful daydreams, flirt with the delicious possibilities and find yourself tickled pink with temptation. The scent boasts a luscious burst of sugar-frosted blackberry and juicy Italian bergamot sparkle with a delicious addiction, while velvety layers of crème de cassis, fluffy marshmallow and sexy vanilla blend together to leave a sexy trail.

Additional notes include pear, jasmine, frangipani, honeysuckle and cashmere woods. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy is available in 10, 30, 50 and 100ml eau de parfum bottles, plus a 150ml “Hair Mist with Pom Pom Hair Ties” line.


Queen Bee is once again trying to heat us up! Beyoncé has relaunched her “Heat” series, called “Heat Seduction”. Heat Seduction is a flanker to 2010′s “Beyoncé’s Heat”, and follows 2014’s “Heat Wild Orchid” and 2015’s “Heat Kissed”. 

The dynamically alluring fragrance opens with an exotic blend of luscious fruits. The heart is a gorgeous assembly of mesmerising florals wrapped by the sensual background of amber, musk and resins.

The notes include an exotic island spice cocktail, mandarin, dewberry, ginger lily, African jungle trail orchid, freesia, amber, musk and labdanum. Beyoncé Heat Seduction is available in 15, 30, 50 and 100ml eau de toilette bottles.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston wants to take you to the beach! The actress has released her fourth fragrance, "Beachscape", which is inspired by the beauty of the beach. This latest fragrance is addressed to romantic women and is inspired by soft sand and the smell of the ocean.

Its composition, as the name suggests, will take you on long walks on sandy beaches where you can inhale salty air and marine breezes, and smell the wild plants and flowers that grow on the coastline. The composition promises a feeling of wet sand under your feet with the smell of salt in the air, enriched with delicate flowery notes and warm woody nuances. 

The notes include sea-washed sand, beach blossom, fresh fruits, and woods. Jennifer Aniston Beachscape is available in a 30ml eau de parfum bottle.

Sofía Vergara

Actress Sofía Vergara just launched “Tempting”, her latest fragrance, this month. The newest addition to her fragrance collection is for the temptress in every woman. "Every woman has a sultry side—it's one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a woman. I created this scent to help stir that emotion. Women should feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. Being tempting is all about being yourself and loving it," said Sofía.

Tempting by Sofía Vergara is an alluring and playful scent, a tribute to Sofia's charismatic personality. Notes for the fresh fruity “floriental” scent include pineapple, mandarin blossom, juicy acai berry, passion flower, vanilla orchid, star jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and caramelised musk.

A beautiful interpretation of Sofía's famous curves, the hourglass bottle design exudes both femininity and sensuality. The facets are inspired by the emerald, found in Sofia's native Colombia and incorporated throughout her fragrance collection. A faceted cap completes the look. Tempting by Sofía Vergara is available in 30 and 100ml eau de parfum bottles. 

Photo credit: Ulta, Beyonce Parfumes, Kohl's, Tempting Fragrance

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