The make-up artists you choose must be someone you are confident in to make you look your best. Make-up artists have magical hands that have the ability to transform you within minutes. What is the beauty of make-up? It has the ability to make you look the way you want to. And luckily, you can count on these 5 Indonesian MUA’s to do that for you, just like our darling socialites did.

Bubah Alfian

Bubah Alfian, one of Indonesia’s most phenomenal make-up artists has gotten his hands on some of Indonesia’s best including: Raline Shah, Marsha Timothy, Cinta Laura, Luna Maya and many more! Bubah has also gotten the chance to work his magic on International superstar like Bebe Rexha and Miss World, Manushi Chillar. Sounds like he’s really good at what does, doesn’t it? Bubah puts in time and effort with each and every one of his clients to make sure they leave the room looking as confident and radiant as ever.

Ryan Ogilvy

As a make-up artist, Ryan Ogilvy is beyond skillful at what he does. Working with numerous celebrities and photoshoots, Ryan Ogilvy definitely knows how to do make-up. Ryan has even made it to New York Fashion Week! Ryan works the brushes really well and makes sure all his clients get the best touch of make-up they deserve.

Juanda Hasid Sorumba

Juanda is Indonesian make-up artist who definitely loves what he does. Having worked on numerous Indonesian big-profile brides, Juanda makes every bride shine with his make-up skills. Juanda has also given a touch of his world to Indonesia’s finest including Annisa Pohan and Krisdayanti. We love how much work and energy he puts into the brows!

Arie Irawan K

Arie will give you the exact look you want, whether it’s simple or for formal occasions. Arie plays with the eyes so well with the many different colors he mixes and matches when he does the eyes. Arie has also done a glam class for International brand like Lakmé, and has managed to put on make-up for Elvina Devinamira, Anya Geraldine, and the list goes on and on! No wonder he is also one of our go-to MUA for Indonesia Tatler fashion shoot.

Adi Adrian

Adi Adrian is probably one of the classiest make-up artists you will come across, you can say so with the make-up looks he does! Whether it’s a graduation party, a wedding or a casual dinner, Adi knows the right look for you. Red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, eyebrows, lash extensions, you can count on Adi! Everybody loves the confidence make-up gives them, and Adi is here to help you get that confidence boost.

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