Who doesn’t want to nail make-up quickly in the morning, especially when you’re in a rush? While wearing make-up can be fun, applying a perfect and polished look can be a challenge, especially if you have to do it in just five minutes.

We recently issued the challenge of creating a flawless face in just five minutes to Shalvynne Chang, Ayla Dimitri, and Francesca Tanmizi, and the results were amazing. Imagine going head-to-head against your make-up enthusiast fellows and having only five minutes to do it. Watching them struggle to put on eyeshadow and fake eyelashes in a matter of minutes is quite inspirational.

So, what are their five-minute make-up challenge secrets? Young businesswoman Shalvynne started with primer for a flawless base, and beauty influencer Francesca first grabbed eyelashes to make her eyes stand out, while content creator and social media personality Ayla added some extra dimension to her lower lash-line with concealer.

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When the clock went off, they all freaked out about how quickly their time had ended. Nevertheless, they were happy with the outcome, which was a decent everyday look. In the end, it’s hard to decide who won because they all slayed the challenge!

If you’re short on time but need to freshen up your make-up before going out, check out these inspirational ladies. To watch the full video and decide who you think the real winner is, watch the video above on Tatler TV or click here.

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This make-up challenge was done using only products from the premium Japanese beauty brand, Cle De Peau Beaute. Thank you so much to Cle De Peau!

For a full list of the products used in the video, check out below:

1.    Radiant Fluid Foundation O40

2.    Radiant Fluid Foundation I10

3.    Powder Blush Duo 102

4.    Eye Colour Duo 105

5.    Luminizing Face Enhancer 13

6.    Concealer Honey

7.    Concealer Ivory

8.    Correcting Cream Veil

9.    Brightening Enhancer Base

10. Radiant Liquid Rouge 16

11. Radiant Liquid Rouge 17

12. Bronzer Powder Duo 1

Get your Cle de Peau Beaute products from Glow Living Beauty Plaza Indonesia, Sogo Plaza Senayan, and Jayanata Beauty Plaza Surabaya. 

Do you think you can create a polished make-up look in five minutes? Have you ever tried this challenge? Comment below!

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