Snow White Make-up Tutorial by Emma Pickles

Beloved by many Disney-lovers, Snow White is one Disney princess whose beauty transcends time. YouTuber Emma Pickles successfully recreated Snow White’s timeless charms through this five-minute video. Now what about the dwarves?

Princess Jasmine Make-up Tutorial by Carli Bybel

From hair to make-up, Carli nails it all through this seven-minute video in which she skillfully maneuvres her hands to recreate Princess Jasmine’s exotic beauty. Although she made the make-up tutorial for Halloween, we think it’s perfect for Christmas, too. 


Rapunzel Make-up Tutorial by Sophie Foster

As a strong-willed princess, Rapunzel is definitely an inspiration for many. In this make-up tutorial, Sophie Foster successfully recreates Rapunzel’s intense eyes so we give her kudos for that. 

Princess Aurora Make-up Tutorial by Melody

Beauty blogger Melody looks stunning as Princess Aurora, and we can’t help but wonder if she isn’t one herself.

Little Mermaid Make-up Tutorial by Patrick Starrr

Talented make-up artist Patrick Starrr skillfully transforms Madeleine Petsch into the bubbly and cute Little Mermaid that everyone loves.

Pocahontas Make-up Tutorial by dope2111

Portrayed as a Native American princess, Pocahontas is no ordinary princess. However, YouTuber dope2111 managed to get the strong exotic look just right.

Wreck it Ralph Make-up Tutorial by Jbunzie

As Ralph’s partner in crime, Jbunzie manages to portray Vanellope von Schweetz’s personality and look to a T.

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