We’re nearing the end of October and one of the most exciting times of the year is around the corner. Yes, Halloween! Some of you have spent months deciding what you’re dressing up as, but what about the right make-up? Lucky for you, our country’s beauty influencers, actresses, and socialites have been sharing some spooky Halloween beauty looks over the past few years, and now is your time to take every bit of inspiration from them. What makes it even better is that you can customise these looks to what you believe suits you best and you’re still good to go.


Cindercella is one of Indonesia’s finest beauty influencers, and she also has some of the best looks on her Instagram feed. With her make-up palette, Cindercella has the ability to create wonders, and when it comes to Halloween, she has nothing to be worried about. Here is a beauty look she created: flowers for the eyes, scary teeth and a little heart on the chin—how can one person be so creative? And to make it even better, she wears a flower crown to top it all off. Time to copy this look for Halloween!

Sarah Ayu

Another magnificent Indonesian beauty influencer, Sarah Ayu has created one of the simplest yet most striking looks we’ve seen. If you’re looking to appear simpler but still want to carry that pizzazz, this one’s the look you should go for. Whoever thought that rainbow eyes would be something we’d see? Pair them up with a colourful dress and some heels, and you’re good to go and might even snatch that best-dressed prize.

Tasya Farasya

A little bit of red, spookiness, and glitter—what could go wrong with this look from the gorgeous Tasya Farasya? This Halloween gets spooky with tons of glitter with coloured lenses, yellow underliner, bold red lips, and a spider under each eye to bring out the Halloween feel.

Suhay Salim

Look a little girly and colourful this year with Suhaya Salim’s stunning look. Let’s start with the amazing way she has blended her eyeshadow and topped it off with the perfect hint of mascara. To enhance her whole look, Suhay make use of jewellery stickers on her forehead and on her cheeks. This adds the perfect amount of boldness.

Abel Cantika

Can we stop and stare at how well Abel has blended her eyeshadow? Looking as bright and vibrant as sunny days in Malibu, Abel Cantika has created a glowing twilight look. With the right make-up tools and her face as the canvas, Abel creates a look that everyone can pull. Furthermore, she adds some stickers to enhance it as well.

Vinna Gracia

Vinna Gracia uses the perfect amount of highlight to glow up this Halloween. Beaming as bright as the sun, Vinna created an uncomplicated look with the use of the right products. If you’re taking inspiration from this one, be sure to add an accessory or two just like Vinna has with the flower crown!

Valerie Thomas

Why not go the extra mile and be inspired by Valerie Thomas’s extraordinary look this year? Keeping it simple with the eyes, Valerie goes overboard with her eyebrows and lips—and we are in love. Her lips carry the perfect shade with gloss and Valerie sure knows how to look remarkable.

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