Over the past few years, the beauty industry has ramped things up a notch and introduced us to products and trends we thought we’d never cross paths with. From halo eyebrows to corkscrew nails, the list is endless. What’s so fascinating is how people love to experiment with beauty products, and some of these are inspiration-worthy. Recently, the 2018 fashion month has come to an end in four fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Along with distinctive and vibrant fashion trends, brace yourselves as spring 2019 has left us with a bunch of beauty trends. Here are the eight beauty looks that we have fallen in love with.

New Yorknewyork81.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Imaxtree

New York sure left us with some dreamy beauty looks during NYFW Spring 19. As you can see above, we’ve chosen two bold beauty looks that we think are bombshells. First, who said you couldn’t go all out with red? Here is Aimee Song wearing a red outfit plus a thick shade of red eyeshadow: clearly this look can do no wrong. Second, the highly regarded fake-freckle beauty trend was seen on several Indonesian ladies this year, such as Tasya Kamila, Shandy Aulia, Chelsea Islan, Ashanty, Luna Maya, and many more.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Imaxtree

Here’s a city where you can look good in absolutely anything. The 2018 London Fashion Week showed a lot of street style, but also an ample amount of beauty looks we want to try right away. A few years ago, it was all about the wing eyeliner, but now the tables have turned. The good thing about wing eyeshadow is you get to use any colour to brighten up your eyes. Seems like fun, doesn’t it? Another look that we fell in love with was a vibrant outfit with a dark lipstick. What a way to play with colours! The dark shades could range from blue to purple or anything your heart desires. We have seen Cindercella, the Indonesian make-up influencer, often carrying this look. 


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Imaxtree

 Being the world’s biggest fashion capital, Milan is good at leaving beauty inspirations. Let’s start with just how awesome the bright-green eyeshadow looks paired with a black halter tank. Now just imagine how other bright colours would look. Another simple yet gorgeous look is the one on the right. Taken right from Milan Fashion Week, one thing we’ve noticed is that a no-make-up make-up look will make you look extra-sophisticated—not something we’d expect.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Imaxtree

This last stop didn’t stop with the beauty inspiration: Paris was a total show-stopper for beauty looks. We didn’t know that glitter lipstick was even a thing until we saw someone rock it at PFW 19. So simple yet so polished! Another surprise? Red eyebrows. As we mentioned before, you can never go wrong with too much red—not even when it comes to eyebrows. Now this is a certain beauty look we’ve never seen in Indonesia. Time to start the trend, ladies!

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