Every #GirlBoss definitely knows the daily struggles of balancing work and fashion. Often, your schedule might seem so tight that it is impossible to keep up with the latest trends. Fellow girl bosses: it is time for you to up your game with these simple yet stylish hairdos that you can easily recreate at home.

The Ponytail Scarf


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Bored of the same old regular ponytail? A scarf can always be an efficient addition to your hairdo and it sure matches well with a ponytail.

Effortless Lowdo


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This effortless do will take less than five minutes to prepare, making it very time efficient for busy work days.

Braided Bangs


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Want to get your beloved bangs out of the way to protect your face from humidity? Braiding is a lovely way to style them!

Braided Ponytail


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Ponytails with braids can make the loveliest hairstyle combination for your busy work day

Casual Half Updo


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A hair knot can be a unique addition for a casual half updo, and luckily this hairstyle is perfect for any outfit.

Extra Headbands


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

Headbands are great additional hair accessories that work well with any hairdo. They go well with braids, loosened ponytails, or flattened hair.

Kickin’ It Old School: 90s Nostalgia


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 We can never have enough of the 90s, and sometimes going back through time can be just as trendy. The double knot updo is an easy yet fashionable way to express yourself and a scrunchie can never be too old for your company.

Classic Ballerina Bun


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The classic ballerina bun will make your hair look chic, elegant, and fancy. It is also easy to recreate using daily home materials such as socks, or hair doughnut.

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