Heavy drinking and eating is inevitable in the festive season. Yes, we know Christmas and New Year celebrations bring with them tons of parties after parties. But we have the solutions to keep you looking flawless the next day! Check out these very simple and quick methods to instantly refresh yourself the day after.

Pop open a cooling sheet mask

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Always keep a stack of sheet masks inside your fridge just for mornings like these when you need a boost of vitamins and hydration after a heavy night of partying. The cooling effect will de-puff your face in no time and also help with the redness. Just imagine how nice it is to have a cooling mask on your tired face.


 Hydrate after waking up

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After you put on the mask, immediately drink a tall glass of water and refill the glass to get maximum hydration for your body. After heavy drinking, your body is depleted of water and most likely this will result in a dehydrated state. Alcohol will decrease the anti-diuretic hormone, whose main purpose is to help the body to absorb water. That is why we urinate more often during and after heavy drinking. The salty foods that often accompany alcohol also deplete the water levels in your body. Prolonged dehydration can lead to myriad of problems like headaches and vomiting.


 Have a cold shower

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The benefits of a cold shower range from increased circulation, lower depression, healthy skin and hair, improved immunity, and increased energy. Having a cold shower will jolt you awake and get you ready to start the day. It helps to clear your head as well, making it the perfect technique to make people think that you have been well rested. The increased blood circulation will bring some colour to your face, making it brighter, and creating rosier and healthier cheeks.


Press a cold spoon on your puffy eyes

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A cold spoon will instantly de-puff your eyes, which is the most important area to show how much sleep you have gotten the night before. De-puffing your eyes with a cold spoon will make you look like you have rested enough. Just put some tea spoons on your fridge so that you can use it immediately after waking up. Plus point: it is a fast and proven method.


 Use  clear brow gel and curl-up your eyelashes to make you look instantly awake

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Using a clear brow gel and curling up those lashes will instantly refresh your face because it has a lifting effect on your face. Brushing your eyebrows upward will instantly lift the entire face. Opening your eyes by curling your lashes will immediately give a refreshing effect on the entire complexion.


 Mix foundation with moisturiser to enhance complexion

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If you use foundation on tired and dry skin, it will not sit well because it will look dry and cakey. That is the last thing you want to look, trust me. So be smart and mix in a bit of moisturiser with your foundations to make the formula smoother and easier to blend on your face to create that healthy, natural complexion.


 Finish with bold lips and subtle blush

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This is a tried-and-tested method that will immediately make you look put-together and ready to go for that important meeting. A swipe of lipstick is all you need to give you the boost of confidence to face the outside world after a heavy night of partying. The subtle blush will give you that rosy glow that shows a fresh complexion.

Lastly, the most important advice is this: try to avoid a heavy night of drinking as much as possible. There is research that proves the negative impact of excess alcohol in our body, especially when it comes to ageing. Apparently, alcohol accelerates the process. Surprise, surprise.

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