The founder of luxury skincare and make-up brand Rodial, bestselling author and mother of two reveals her top tips for staying radiant on the go.

Where do you find inspiration?

On Instagram. I get make-up and skincare ideas from beauty bloggers I follow. But I also love browsing magazines. Books are big sources of inspiration too--so  much that I've written one as well, How To Be An Overnight Success.


What is your skincare regimen?

I like a serum in the morning. I mix  our newly launched Rose Gold Serum with an SPF50. That's my day cream.


What is the best beauty advice you've ever received?

If you're feeling down, treat yourself to a professional blow-dry. If your hair looks good, everything will follow.


Any beauty products you can't live without?

People underestimate the importance of proper make-up brushes. I see people buying the right products but the wrong brushes. That's a big no-no.


Who are your beauty icons?

I like Khloe Kardashian's make-up and hair. I also admire Victoria Beckham--her look is a bit more edgy.



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