The doctor sits prettily behind a neat desk as she explains the different treatments offered at Mademoiselle Aesthetics and Slimming Clinic. Dr Petrina then passes us brochures and flips through photo albums to help visualise the end results of several facial treatments. The talk continues, spanning her aesthetician career of 11 years, along with acupuncture for beauty and caring for well-travelled skin.

Indonesia Tatler: What are the most requested treatments that you handle at your clinic?

Dr Petrina Slamat: Laser, botox and filler are among those frequently requested, but nowadays more patients are seeking human growth factor treatment. This is not the same as growth hormone, which is usually injected; growth factor is a serum that is applied using micro-needles. Growth factor is also safer to be used for pregnant woman.

IT: Can you elaborate more on what human growth factor is?

PS: Human growth factor is a type of specialised protein that stimulates cell differentiation—separating the good cells from the bad—and proliferation, which is creating cells, to repair damaged cells. The treatment is safe because it comes directly from human fibroblast cells. The supply is limited, though, and fibroblast cells only have a two-year lifespan, which is why this treatment is highly sought after.

IT: Which treatments is human growth factor used in?

PS: It's used in recovery serum to repair the signs of ageing; it also helps healing and reduces wrinkles. As an eye serum, it lightens dark circles and reduces puffiness. But it can also be used to treat hair loss and grow eyelashes, among other uses.

IT: For women who travel frequently, what advice can you give regarding facial treatments?

PS: They will have to adjust their beauty products according to the destination's climate. If it's cold and during winter, for example, we don't recommend any cream for skin peeling because cold weather will dry out skin and can cause cracking. Instead, the patient will be prescribed a moisturiser or serum to help hydrate her skin.

Text by Edith Emeralda & Phot by Heri B. Heryanto