Luxury South Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo has recently launched its latest anti-ageing product, the Harmonizen Regenerating Cream. For all beauty lovers out there, Sulwhasoo has already become synonymous with high-quality products that deliver real results with their smart use of Korean ginseng.

But unlike any other Sulwhasoo product, this special cream is different: it is unique because it is made of three different types of ginseng root and has several functions, all in one jar. As well as its anti-ageing function, the Harmonizen Regenerating Cream has a correcting function and a brightening power that come from the three ginseng roots combined together. One of these is the rare South Korean Salvia miltiorrhiza.  This root provides powerful and instant effects and helps to revive the skin, giving it a youthful energy and positive glow.

The two other ginseng roots used include the famous Korean red ginseng that has been used by Sulwhasoo since its beginning and which is the main ingredient of the Sulwhasoo Ginseng series, and a white ginseng root that provides a skin-lightening effect, which is the main ingredient of the Sulwhasoo Snowise series.

With the clever combination of these three different roots, the Harmonizen Regenerating Cream strengthens and restores the structure of each skin layer as well as provides a positive energy boosting quality; at the same time, it relieves stress from both inside and outside the skin.

The cream is priced at Rp 8m per jar.