Lebaran is synonymous with visiting relatives and friends for silaturahim, meeting a lot of people, eating together and going from one house to another. Even though the activities are pleasant, it can also be exhausting. We certainly want to be able to look fresh and beautiful all day on Eid celebration, but how do we do that? We recommend you these beauty tips as the answer.


Beauty needs to start from within. Our health and mental condition affect to our appearance so when we're beautifying ourselves, don’t forget to start from the inside. Here's what we can do to beautify ourselves from within:

1. Create a good mood. Do activities that can improve your mood. For example, put up home decorations, put on a song that you like, or prepare the clothes you want to wear during the holidays. Just do the simple things that makes you happy. You know what they say: happy girls shine the brightest!

2. Get enough sleep. Make sure you get enough rest so you can wake up with a body that is fit and fresh. Seven to eight hours is recommended.

3. Drink plenty of water. It's most important to avoid dehydration, plus it makes your skin fresh and moist.

4. Eat healthy food. Before the feast arrives, make sure that your food intake is healthy to balance with the foods you will consume on Eid. We all know that the food served on Eid is generally filled with sugar, fat and cholesterol.


If the inside is already beautiful, just add to the outside!

1. Get pampered! Before the feast arrives, undertake beauty treatments at home. Starting from a bath and body scrub, use a hair mask and hair oil, do a facial skin-care routine, and use a face mask. If you’re too lazy to do your own treatment, just drop by to your nearest salon or spa.

2. Choose clothes that are comfortable to wear all day. During the holidays, choose clothes that are light with minimum embellishments that could make them heavier. Also use comfortable shoes or sandals, as well as accessories and bags that are lightweight.

3. Use simple make-up with a great base. For make-up, choose a style that doesn’t need touch-ups; instead, focus more on the use of base moisturiser, primer and foundation, which can make make-up last a whole day. It’s better to wudhu first at the Eid prayer before you put on your makeup, so that the makeup doesn’t fade when exposed to water.

4. Use perfume. Besides making us smell good, the fragrance of a perfume will boost our mood as well. Don’t forget to take your perfume wherever you go: it's an instant way to refresh yourself!

5. Take a touch-up kit. Carry a small comb, water for moisturising and facial refreshment, a compact, blush and lipstick to fix your make-up. Only use what is important for your touch-up kit. Avoid carrying too much because it will only clutter your bag.

Last but not least, don’t forget to always wear a sincere smile to make yourself more beautiful.

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