Yes, it’s time for our local cosmetic brands to stand out! Because recently more and more local beauty brands have been popping up and coming up with various types of products, experimenting with new trends to compete and produce the best quality for consumers.

Starting from many matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks in the local market from home-grown beauty brands, they step up to a whole new level to produce other items, such as eye shadow, highlighter and liners.

Released in the middle of the year, all these brands gave us a surprise by how creative they could get. Unlike older local brands that already have a full range of cosmetics in their lines, these younger brands have taken big steps by getting out of their comfort zones.

Beauty junkies, we have rounded up three new beauty products from local brands that you must try. It’s time to renew your make-up collection! Take a look...

 LuxCrime Golden Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

At last, there is a new and young cosmetic brand from Indonesia that is brave enough to release an eyeshadow palette. Launched in August and inspired by 10 Javanese Princesses for their beauty, strength, and spirituality, this palette offers you a good colour selection with gold and nudish colours as its main theme, not to mention a unique pop of colour. With 10 highly pigmented colours consisting of four metallic, two semi-metallic, and four matte formulas, it’s going to be a versatile eyeshadow palette to take you from natural eyes to glamour and dramatic eye make-up.

 Goban Stardust Illuminating Highlighter

Standing for “Gorgeous and Beautiful Angels”, Goban launched its new highlighter in August. Coming as an oily skin-friendly product, they use the new technologies to get the liquid highlighter-ish finish with this powder highlighter. Stardust can be used to give a soft and blinding (with damp sponge or brush) highlight for your face or even your body. It’s your turn to shine! Goban has released three beautiful Stardust highlighters, which complement the colour of Indonesian women.


BLP Beauty #inyoureyes Collection

After seeing great success with its lip coats, BLP has come out with a new product specifically for eyes: four eyeshadow pens, two brow definers, one dual eye definer, and one brow powder with a neutral colour. Just sweep a little eyeshadow pen on your eyes, blend a little with your finger, make a snatch liner and throw on some brows. You’re good to go!


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