When it comes to anti-ageing treatments, it turns out that women today expect much more than just proven clinical results. From a survey conducted across the world (involving more than 200 women worldwide), French beauty brand L'OCCITANE recently found out that the spectrum of expectations of modern women is quite wide regarding such treatments.

These include the quality of the ingredients, their origins, how the ingredients are used, the benefits to the skin, and also the sustainable approach of packaging and the sensorial textures and fragrances. In short, nowadays women seek harmony between what they feel inside and what is seen on their face, and the world at large.

Recognising that women are increasingly looking for holistic solutions to beauty, to better understand this, L'OCCITANE studied cosmetogenomics, analysing and investigating how skin cells interact with cosmetic ingredients.

This led to the discovery of the two best natural ingredients from the land and the sea: Immortelle Millésimée, a flower which grows wild across Corsica with antioxidant properties and the ability to increase collagen production so well that they called it 'a flower that never fades', and Jania Rubens, red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate native to Corsica.

This patented combination is the key to the new Harmonie Divine collection, the latest premium anti-ageing skincare range from L’OCCITANE that was just launched recently, and which includes a cream and a serum. These products work to smooth skin texture, lines and wrinkles, and improve facial contours.

For the Divine Harmony Cream, this cream combines the regenerative powers of Jania Rubens and the Immortelle Millésimée flower, to soften the signs of ageing and restores the skin's brightness.

And for the Divine Harmony Serum, with more than 5,000 micro-droplets containing anti-ageing Immortelle extracts, enriched with Jania Rubens active molecules, this serum provides a dual action that refines facial contours and enhances firmness and smoothness.

Harmonie Divine collection define its 'luxury' meaning not only with elegant packaging, but also with the all-natural patented ingredients, combining ingredients from the land and the sea, bringing the regenerative extracts from these two living plants together for the first time. This Harmonie Divine collection is also environmentally friendly with the packaging that is refillable.

Photo credit: L'OCCITANE


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