Amorepacific focus mankind will go to great lengths to capture beauty–he’ll climb the highest mountain, dive to the bottom of an ocean, endure torturous terrains and the punishing rites of climate. At least, that’s what the researchers at Amorepacific had to do when engineering the brand’s greatest miracle ingredient.

Amorepacific has long been known for its ceaseless passion to rework green tea into a skin saver of epic proportions, using cutting-edge technology to harness the antioxidant EGCG in a way that was deliverable and beneficial to the complexion. But was the existing green tea the best that it could do?

Having cultivated its own green tea trees on Jeju Island for years, Amorepacific decided to develop its own next-generation green tea variety, geared specifically towards creating beauty products.

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In order to do that, researchers trekked down through rugged valleys and up to precarious cliffs, confronting unstable, dangerous paths and even more unstable and dangerous predators, at the height of summer and in the depths of winter, for one long decade, collecting about 4,000 samples of green-teas from various trees and subsequently cultivating 10,000 green tea trees on Amorepacific's farm base of Jeju Island.

With 80 percent of ageing actually spurred by environmental factors, this cream activates the longevity gene and takes care of external aggressors that damage the skin’s health. So rare is this green tea tree and ingredient that the cream can only be manufactured in limited quantities, and will be available to selected VIPs.

Amorepacific’s researchers conducted 228,000 experiments from those samples and finally, the unparalleled antioxidant Absoluchin228K™ was born, an ingredient more effective than EGCG in reversing the ageing process.

This new green tea variety has been named AbsoluTea™, a species so precious it only takes up no more than one percent of the tea fields on Jeju Island. And AbsoluTea™’s benefits have been neatly encapsulated in Amorepacific’s ultimate product, the Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Creme, a total anti-ageing cream that stops skin ageing on every front, giving the dermis a chance to regenerate and be completely reborn. 

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