We are halfway through the summer and what is one thing the most of us are worried about? ACNE! Luckily, not all of us are stuck with acne-prone skin. However, during the summer, the acne still finds a way through all of us. So, why is acne most likely to come through during the summer? It’s due to the scorching heat and the torrid humidity that is causing us to sweat excessively. Hereby, we’ve constructed 5 ways for you to control your acne while enjoying the summer sun in Indonesia.

 Stay Hydratedbottle-drink-glass-113734.jpg

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As simple as it sounds, water can truly heal. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important, especially during the summer. Of course, drinking water does not magically help get rid of acne, but it sure does help you stay hydrated! Not only does hydration helps control your acne, but drinking a sufficient amount of water helps the body stay healthy in many other ways.

 Stretchable Attireassorted-blurred-background-boutique-994523.jpg

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Acnes don’t just appear on our face but also all over our body; including our back and chest! Sometimes, the clothes we wear tend to play a part with the arrival of acne. With high temperatures throughout the summer, make sure to stay at ease when choosing the right attire. Preferably, invest in outfits that are breathable, not too tight and narrow when it come in contact with the skin. Remember, excessive sweat is what causes acne.

 Choosing the right foodsalmonds-berries-blackberries-1099680.jpg

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When it comes to acne, it is best to avoid acnegenic foods. In short, avoid refined carbs. Some common examples of acnegenic foods would be:

(a.) Dairy Products: What is one thing we look forward to during the summer? Ice cream! As delicious as it sounds, it is best to limit on the ice cream. Dairy products are known to be a major acne cause.

(b.) Fast Food: Everybody loves indulging in fast food every now and then! However, it would be best to restrain it as much as possible due to its impact on causing acne.

(c.) Peanut Butter: Two ingredients that are found in peanut butter that trigger acne: Hydrogenated Oil & Added Sugar!

(d.) Spicy Food: Yes we know, some things are too bland without a little spice especially in Indonesia! However, eating a large amount of spicy food causes your face to sweat easily, eventually precipitating to producing acne.

 Sunscreen- The summer herosummer-1599139_1920.jpg

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Sunscreen works in ways you would never imagine. One splash of sunscreen before heading out this summer may save you in numerous ways! Sunscreen helps to keep your skin tone even by not letting the sunlight exposure change the color of your skin. Sunscreen also helps you to stay young, as wearing sunscreen helps lessening the development of wrinkles and crinkles. Sunscreen works on any and every skin type- oily or dry, sunscreen is for all! Furthermore, you can take pleasure in sunbathing at the beach without getting a sunburn.

 Less is more


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 Skip the heavy makeup! Having a full face of makeup on while staying out in the sun tends to clog your pores very easily. Instead of putting on foundation, try to switch to something more well such as; a BB Cream, a CC cream or even a tinted moisturizer! You know what they say, less is indeed more.

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