We are officially only a few days away from the prestigious 18th Indonesia Tatler Ball, and one of the most important things on your checklist should be the beauty look you’re going for. If you’re out of choices, don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered with five stunning beauty looks that you will definitely love. We’ve slowly considered every skin type and colour to make sure you get what you need.

Smokey eyesbeautiful-beauty-fashion-160590.jpg

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You can never go wrong with the classic smokey-eye look. If your gown is simple, then opt for the classic smokey eye, which is really not hard. If you’re a newbie to the smokey-eye look, simply get a creamy black pencil and draw over your upper and lower lashes and rub. Afterwards, add a pinch of grey eyeshadow over your upper lids and blend, blend, blend. There you go: a stunning beauty look. Tip: the blacker the eyeshadow, the better. 

Red and goldbeauty-girl-lip-gloss-6393.jpg

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If you like keeping it classy, this is the look for you. Whether it’s a black gown or red, you can pull off this beauty look. Let’s start with red. The perfect shade of red is out there for every skin colour—you just have to choose the one that suits you best. When it comes to red, make sure you go for matte instead of glossy. Moving on to gold, get your shiniest palette out and add a pinch of gold eyeshadow to your upper crease and lower crease and finish off the look with a thick, black winged eyeliner. 

Glossy nudewoman-3055841_1920.jpg

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The glossy nude look that is currently trending is definitely something we want to see at the 18th Indonesia Tatler Ball. Choose the perfect shade of nude: probably something that is a mixture of light pink and bright bronze. The glossy nude look only requires you to put on a crispy nude shade on your eyelids, but one thing you have to master is to use as much highlight you can. The most important part is to get your glossiest lipstick out and gloss it all over. 

Strong browntwo-girls-1828539_1920.jpg

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Once you go brown, other colours will let you down. To achieve this look, you’ll need to bring out your best bronzer. Powder or cream, your bronzer should suit your skin colour and should have a golden touch to it. Take out your brush and swipe all over your cheeks, on your chin, the bridge of your nose, and jawline. You definitely don’t want to look too brown, so make sure you use a glossy nude lipstick to finish off your look. 

Dewy skinadult-attractive-beautiful-457701.jpg

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Another popular make-up trend this year is dewy skin, which isn’t difficult to achieve. If you’re more on the fairer side, use a thick golden tone, while for darker skin, go for copper. Take as much highlight as you can and sprinkle it all over your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, the inner corner of your eyes, and on the bridge of your nose.

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