Blue eyeshadow is back. But before you dig out the shoulder pads, this isn’t an ’80s revival. The Blue Rhythm collection is a sophisticated update on the trend to tempt even the staunchest of sceptics. The eye quartet comes in subtle shades of midnight blue and grey. Turquoise mascara is available for the adventurous, and vibrant nail polish for the blue-curious. 

Thirsty cleanse

Maintaining hydrated, dewy skin during Ramadhan does not need to be an uphill battle. Glamglow Thirsrtycleanse, a mud to foam cleanser, will help your skin radiate from within. Formulated with Brazilian yellow clay and natural ingredients enriched with omega 3,6 and 9, it helps to remove dirt, make-up and replenishes the moisture in your skin.


Even with eight hours of sleep, city dwellers can be excused for appearing less than fresh. Luckily Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skin Rehab Youth Grafter Night D-Toxer rejuvenates skin by night—so it can take on pollution and free radicals by day.


In honour of its aquatic roots, La Mer has released a limited edition Crème de la Mer to commemorate World Oceans Day on June 8, in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The 100ml pot of restorative goodness helps fund La Mer’s philanthropic Blue Heart programme, which supports ocean conservation. Don’t you love it when beauty gives back?