How do you feel about the new Light Blue Sunset in Salina fragrance for women ?

It's actually my favourite one; it's very feminine and warm. I was also surprised by the colour, as normally I would associate it with male fragrances,so I think it's quite interesting.

What memories do the new scent evoke for you ?

No matter what fragrance from the Light Blue collection it is, it will always take me back to the first campaign that we shot in Mario Testino. It was such a brilliant experience and without that shoot i wouldn't be where I am today. Every time I smell the fragrance it reminds me of those moments.

What are your travel essentials ?

My Macbook, as i have to do a lot of writing. There's usually an architecture or interior design magazine in my bag, too. As I travel a lot of work, my skin gets very dry, so i've started using SK-II skincare line and some organic rose oil to keep it moisturised.

Have you visited the Aeolian Islands, specifically Salina and Lipari ?

Yes -- the meditteranean is so beautiful and the Aeolian Islands are exceptional. Salina and Lipari each have their own charm and offer different things. Lipari is a nice destination if you prefer a busier atmosphere with beautiful beaches. I would suggest Salina for its famed Malvasia wines. Both places have real soul and capture the essence of summer. 

Can you tell us about some of your favourite wines ?

Gavi di Gavi is my favourite white wine and Barolo is one of my favourite reds. My absolutely favourite red wine though is Luigi Bosca, a blend of many different wines from 2005.

How would you describe your perfect summer day ?

One that includes delicious food, even better wine and of course, friends to share it with. Also, a true summer day to me is to take a drive through the beautiful countryside in my classic car. When the weather is beautiful in London, it is simply the best city in the world. A sunset walk on a warm summer's evening along the Thames is my idea of bliss.

Sunset or Sunrise ?

For me, it's definitely the sunset. This may be the case because i'm not amorning person, though, so i rarely ever see the sun rising.

When you're on holiday, do you prefer to swim in a pool or in the sea ?

There's something really special about swimming in the ocean, particularly when the sea is warm and the air is salty. It's a great way to feel connected to nature.