Skin is the outermost part of human body and requires nutrition to maintain its health. Aside from regular skin-care treatments, healthy skin is derived from sufficient nutrition. Moreover, as you age, your collagen production also decreases. This can reduce the skin’s elasticity and encourage sagging and wrinkle formation. Unprotected excessive sunlight and ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) radiation can cause sunburn, tanning, damaged skin and early skin ageing.

Enter Nutrafor White Beauty, a food supplement formulated to supply the needs of skin nutrition. It uses modern herbal ingredients, such as Collactive, Japanese rice bran ceramide, horsetail extract, lycopene, tocotrienol, grape seed and chamomile extracts.

Collactive is collagen active, a special ingredient made from collagen and elastin, a registered trademark from France that is only available in Nutrafor White Beauty. It provides elasticity, firmness, suppleness, skin moisture and also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and black spots. Rice bran ceramide is extracted from rice plants, and is good for skin whitening, brightening, moisturising, anti-ageing and protecting skin from harmful UV rays.

The product also contains horsetail extract, a clinically tested herbal plant that is able to strengthen hair and nail tissue. There is also lycopene—tomato seed extract—a super antioxidant that reduces acne and which is a hundred times more powerful than vitamin E. Lastly, tocotrienol, a new generation of vitamin E, hails from sunflower seed extract, protecting skin from free radicals and UV rays.

Nutrafor White Beauty is clinically tested for Asian skin types in the Spincontrol Asia laboratory in Thailand, one of the most innovative laboratories in the world, headquartered in France. Clinical trials have proven that Nutrafor White Beauty can reduce skin wrinkles in 30 days if consumed with a dosage of two capsules twice a day. The product is safe to be consumed at any time of the day and for long-term use due to the nature of the herbal ingredients contained inside it. For a better result, you can also combine it with your daily skin care treatments.

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